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  1. I am trying to wire my G4 Plus to receive a signal from one of my front wheel sensors. The rear wheel speed sensor is already wired by way of the main harness. I have the expansion Loom. It has DI7 and DI8. But after looking in the PC link software, it states that digital input 1 to 6 can be used for frequency measurement, speed signals. 7 + 8 are you for Edge detection. Right now DI8 bears being used for clutch pedal sensor. How can I hook up a front wheel sensor to use traction control?
  2. Maybe I'm Wrong about what solve my problem then? When it was set at 1200 RPMs, and I was running the engine below 2000 it would buck and jerk sometimes violently and the ignition timing was jumping all over the place. Once I lowered it to 300 RPMs everything was smooth.
  3. Figured I would give a little update to help out other people. My low RPM bucking problem is solved. In my idle speed control settings, the tune I started with had RPM lockout set at 1200 RPMs. I did lower this a little at first. Didn't seem to make much of a difference. Then I learned that this is not the actual engine RPMs. It is the RPMs above my base idle setting of 800. 1200 + 800 equals 2000. So Below 2000 RPMs but ECU was switching back and forth between the idle map and the main map. I changed RPM lockout to 300 RPMs, and it runs a lot better. I might bring it down a little more and see what happens.
  4. Back again. I did set up my base timing, it was off 6 degrees. Then went back and reset my VVT. Definitely better. But still can't find anybody with a dyno that will do my car with this ECU. So I'm still struggling to get the timing Maps set up. On a hard pull, I'm still getting a lot of knock events. Even though I pulled a lot of timing. At 29 PSIA , 11.9 AFR and 4000 RPMs I am running about 10.2 degrees before top dead center. That is really killing my power. But yet I'm still picking up knock events even though I can't hear anything. I keep thinking that it's picking up some other engine noise, valve train, injectors, supercharger or something else? The base tune I have is set to 7K narrowband. Is this the right frequency for my engine? It's a cast-iron block M50 with the M54 B30 crank rods and pistons. I have taken a chance once, and bumped the timing up a few degrees. It really came to life. But I also got a ton of knock events. But still couldn't hear anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I'm trying to find out what is the correct offset for my engine. The base tune I received with my link G4 Plus was set at 297.5 ATDC on Trigger 2 VVT. The problem I had with this was it showed up as Inlet left hand position advanced 6 to 7 degrees. I was instructed to turn on cam angle test and go into runtime values and copy the offset to the trigger to VVT. Now my offset is 285. And because I keep having so many problems at lower engine loads I'm questioning whether this is the correct offset or is my intake cam actually Advanced a little too far. I don't have any problem with pulling the valve cover and rechecking the cam timing. It takes a little longer with my engine , because I have to use a dial indicator on the top of number one piston to find top dead center. Because my aftermarket single Mass flywheel does not have the Notch for the Locking pin. Thanks for any help.
  6. Greenday694

    Ignition timing?

    I probably should have started with this question first. I didn't because I thought I was going to be able to get it tuned on a dyno. But I can't find anybody within a hundred-mile radius that will work on a modified BMW with an Eaton supercharger. I've been trying to get the timing set right. Using the PC link software on my laptop and a good set of noise cancelling headphones. Unfortunately I don't hear anything. I'm not sure if I even have it set to the right frequency. Right now it's set at 6 kilohertz narrow band. Gain channel 9, Windows start 5, window length 50, ignition retard limit 6.0, retard gain .5 degrees, Advanced delay 1 second, Advance rate .5 degrees per second, RPM low lockout 1300, high RPM lockout 6200, throttle position low lockout 40% throttle position Delta lockout 10%. Can anybody confirm if this is correct? M 50 BTU 25 engine, M54 B30 bottom end. Eaton m122 H supercharger. Deka 60lb injectors. Thanks, Keith
  7. Do you have an m-52 map with this setup in it that I can look at and compared to mine? So I can get some idea of what it should look like. I'm still fairly new to this type of tuning especially speed density. Most of my experience is with Factory Mas based ecu's.
  8. I completely agree with you. Running my car on a dyno or on the track all I would need is one 1 fuel map. But my car is a daily driver back and forth to work stores everywhere. Sometimes stuck in traffic and never getting above 2000 RPM's. And these very low engine load situations the engine prefers a slightly leaner fuel map. Helps to maintain a very steady idle, and very low engine load. Crawling in 3rd gear at 1200 RPMs. I'm trying to achieve perfection. I want my car to run and drive as if it were brand new completely stock, until I really step on it and Force 16 lb of boost into the intake. Right now my 1\4 throttle to wide open throttle is very strong and almost perfect. With a 315 LSD, I can burn the 255/ 18 in second gear from 1000 rpms just by pushing the pedal to the floor. The low and mid-range torque is there, and top and horsepower. Low_end driveability needs work. I will try to run a single fuel map strategy again. Can easily keep lower manifold pressure and RPM portion of map 1, then cut and paste the higher regions from map 2.
  9. Because it requires a slightly different fuel mapping with the intake cam advance. And it works better with the more aggressive ignition map. Even though the ECU does a great job at adjusting to maintain my set AFR. I help it by setting the fuel tables as close as possible, so there is less searching, by tuning each fuel table in open loop first. This makes for very smooth, linear Power from idle to redline. What BMW engines are known for. And it works very well on the track.
  10. I think I'm onto something? When I first looked at the base map, something did not look right with the VVT/ Vanos control. It did not become active until at least 40% throttle and above 2000 RPM's. The Vanos should start advancing the cam just off idle and fairly little throttle (2.1 engine load), and hold to about 4500 RPMs. So after changing the X & Y axis, I have the Vanos switching on at 12% throttle and above 1500 RPMs. That made it about 95% better. I still have a few little glitches. But nothing like it was. Now I have to make some adjustments to the table 2 fuel map, because it's active a lot sooner. And I might lower the RPM trigger a little more. Is it possible to use the map input instead of the TP for the VVT control? And lock out the VVT below a set TP? Thanks, Keith
  11. Okay back again. I turned off everything. Went back to the bare necessities. Open loop on fuel and timing. Vanos variable valve timing off. Idle control off. but still cutting out at slight throttle between 1500 and 2000 RPMs. I also tried increasing the values in the injector dead time while reducing a fuel map. Past experience with emulator tuning Bosch 413 and 506 ecu's, I've learned that they become very unstable when entering such low values needed for 60% or larger injectors. Apparently that is not the case with the G4. This started as a base tune that I received from the supplier I bought the link G4 plus from. So there might be some things active that I'm unaware of. The first thing I question about the tune is that it is for a m-52. My engine is an M50 with M54 B30 rotating assembly. I was told that the m-52 calibration file is a smoother transition between tables 1 and 2 Fuel and ignition. The M50 as I know, switches from one to the other once the Vanos Solenoid is activated or deactivated. based on engine load and RPM. The m-52 Blends the tables ,transitioning from one to the other based on actual cam position. This sounds like a good idea, but not sure if it will work with my M50b25tu cam profile.? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I turned off TC. No change. Here is trigger scope. Thanks
  13. I added all and logged another run. This time with overrun off. Still doing the same thing. It seams to be timing related. Under 10 btdc ? Like its still running on the idle map. 3L_M50_60lb_m122h.pclr Breaking up below 2000 rpm.llg
  14. Not sure if I have the logger set up right. But this is what I logged. I'm trying to get it dyno tuned, unfortunately, the only shops around me that will touch a BMW, will only tune late model obd2. And all American and Japanese. I was wrong in my earlier post. It is the timing that jumps between -6 and +21 when its bucking. Thanks for any suggestions on how to get this running better. Log 2018-11-23 4;38;59 pm.llg 3L_M50_60lb_m122h.pclr
  15. I believe I have my high-revving startup problem worked out. So now on to the other problem I have had ever since putting in link G4 Plus. Cold or hot, my car bucks sometimes violently at slight throttle below 2000 RPMs and below 10 psia. If I accelerate a little harder it clears up or if I Stay above 2000 RPMs. It will do this at 1950 RPMs. But as soon as I hit 2000, it runs perfect. I tried adding and subtracting fuel. And advancing and retarding timing. While its doing it the RPMs jump back and forth radically, on my laptop. Thanks for any help
  16. Thanks for your help. It dose idle around 50%. 52% at high idle cold , and 47% warm. 3L_M50_60lb_m122h.2.pclr Log 2018-11-8 12;17;59 pm.llg
  17. Confirmed. Will not start with Isc blocked. Unless I step on the gas pedal a little.
  18. This is what I thought too. I did not have this problem with the 413 dme, modified 623 bin , ostrich 2 emulator, pmas hpx-e mas and 42lb injectors. The problem with that set-up, was the dme didn't have the broad range needed with large injectors. -60% for idle then try to add 110 at 16 lb boost. The injectors were maxed out. And since -60% was already pushing the dme limit I knew it would not work with the needed 60lb. I mite try to restrict airflow from the ISC.?
  19. 93 325is 3 l m 50 Stroker Eaton m122h supercharger . Problem = slight prolonged cranking, then jumps to 3000 RPMs. Cold or hot start up. Then very quickly comes down to 900 RPMs. Max clamp is set to 60. Although it shows 80% during cranking?
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