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  1. Was lucky enough to have my e throttle on links files so put the values directly into the tables, you were spot on with the sub/main switch, for some reason I set it up back to front even though my wiring diagram states it’s youre suggested way, implemented the changes and works fine, the blade flutter is also gone now appreciate the assistance
  2. it appears to be a tps main and sub differential issue, hopefully the log attached shows this throttle is off a ba falcon aps is off an fg falcon have tried both the auto calibration (this log) and also your help files specified values which were different, also mechanically moved the e throttle and recorded the values the blade also flickers rapidly if quick movements are made with the aps as seen in the log Log 2019-01-1 11;35;14 am test.llg
  3. Hoping a could get some input on this fault I did a test run of the car calibrated e throttle all seemed to work fine on the test with no errors, I’ve since finalised all the wiring, removed any pins not used from a/b plugs since trying to start again I have instantly had fault code 73, pinned the loom and appears the aux8 is not pulling in the relay in normal operation If if I force the e throttle to setup on mode then the throttle body functions fine it seems very similar to the forum post below Haven’t had a chance to try and log the fault yet as the car isn’t with me any suggestions much appreciated
  4. Appreciate the input, i think i've had some luck as adam suggested i connected the spare gnd and vref to sensor gnd and 5v signal feed and i now have a functioning pedal Haven't had a chance to test as yet but the ecu is no longer displaying a fault when the pedal is pressed Hopefully this helps someone else in the future thanks
  5. i was thinking that, The pedal feels as if it has a kick down feature at 100% throttle which may just be a switch, i didn't want to wire that in case it caused a dead short I'll chuck the multi metre on it and see if i can get some useful information from it and report back
  6. As the title suggests, i'm just trying to setup my fury and have the following issue APS Main reads a voltage fine through travel of the pedal but APS Sub is reading 0v constantly the pedal is ford fg, the throttle is BA ford i figure it is a wiring issue, the pedal sensor has 6 wires as from the wiring diagram apps 2 (an volt 5) gnd - blank app1 (an volt 4) apps rtn (sensor gnd green wire) apps vref (+5v signal red/blue) vref - blank all setup correctly in fury can anyone assist with why i might only be getting APS main reading? thanks
  7. Great that was the plan, great support of your product btw i see you post regularly on guild of efi tuners Thanks Chris
  8. yep this is exactly what i was worried about my next query was seeing ign outputs 5/6 come from the b plug, should i run individual sensor ground wires relative to the plug set they came from. I figure there is a reason link has sensor ground wires for both plug sets instead of a universal sensor ground? or do i just wire them all back to the green sensor ground wire on any plug? Thanks for the info Chris
  9. I've wired microtechs the same way in the past i just wanted to get confirmation as i'm building a loom for this, be a bit of a pain to have to change Hopefully someone has had experience with this specific wiring previously
  10. i should clarify the ls1 coil has +12v, ign signal, signal ground and power ground So wiring the coils as per the image is the way to go? combine Both grounds and bolt to head/inlet/engine
  11. Thanks for the great info, Which pin would you wire the signal grounds for the coils to? pin 24 on A plug and pin 22 B plug? Would you go as far as wiring ign 5/6 signal ground on B plug pin 22 and ign 1/2/3/4 signal ground on A plug pin 24 Thanks Chris
  12. Hoping i could get some clarification on the following, currently in the process of wiring a g4+ fury, aim strada 1.2 dash and LS1 coils 1st query is on the signal ground for the LS1 coils, can i wire the signal ground and the power ground both to the engine block? as per picture? Not sure if the sensor ground is required to pass back into the ecu 2nd query is on the aim strada can wiring on the aim wiring i have can 1+ and can 1-, can i wire these into can 2 l and can 2 h on the b plug and program to talk with the can setup in g4+ software? i figured this was easier than getting the correct plug for the link to wire into can1? 3rd query the 5v supply for generally sensors is there a limitation to how many sensors you can run off this 5v supply? i've noted from factory it is spliced into 2 wires, if i run 10 sensors that require 5v feed for example do i just splice this 5v feed 10 times? Does the same go for the green sensor ground wire and seeing as A/B plug each have their own grounds are the sensors required to be grounded relative to the plug they came from? New to using link and wanted to confirm rather than assume Appreciate any assistance
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