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  1. tried checking on your Plugs buddy? mine last time, evrytime the boost climbs up, or hard step on the accel, would trigger the problem. some sort , a Boost cut? or fuel cut sounds alike. my pump also change to unrated walbro pump. , i change the settings to Open loop on the fuelpumpcontrol.
  2. Yes, havent get the proper tools to , get it dyno. just minor tweak, using AFR meter as guide. later on would go , to dyno, and get it sort out. not much tuner, in my place .
  3. OK! ill do a PC log , of my cold start. or is it i just change it to Open Loop? would solve the problem? or just further the problem
  4. hi, just recently purchased, g4 link plugin for my evo4 , everything else running well, just the part during the AC kicked in , and disengage. the rpm will drop till 4xx rpm. Even without the AC on, just slightly press the throttle, and let go, the rpm also will drop .. i would apperciate if i can get any pointers on my settings. here i attach my PCL . and Log thanks in advance! EVO SAVE.pclr evo 4.llg
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