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  1. Thanks for the reply Adam I will set it ignition cut.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to setup engine protection using RPM against Oil pressure but I'm have trouble setting the limit mode to 'Rotary Only'. The option is available on RPM & MAP but not on GP. Is this done intentionally?
  3. jrizing

    AN Temp 3 RX7 S6 G4+

    Hi Does AN-Temp 3 require an external pullup resistor for the Rx7 S6 plugin? On the standard base map its set as fuel temp but I would like to change the use as engine oil temp. AN-Temp 3 doesn't have the same options as 1 and 2. Is this a bug in the software? Thanks
  4. jrizing

    Rx7 Injection Timing

    Hi Could someone please explain why 'End of Injection' is not available on a rotary. I know it states this in the help manual but why?
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