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  1. Hi there, Is there any benefits to use 3pin knock sensor instead of 2pin to eliminate any interference ? I have G4+ PNP for Evo IX and using Bosch wideband knock sensor with 2pins. Due to recent knock activities in 3-4 cylinder which is close to gearbox, t-case etc, we can't run more ignition timing.. 1-2 cylinder is ok. Thanks in advance !
  2. andrey

    Flat Shift

    For me it seems there is some delay of power introduction. With 80 % shift cut and -25° Ignition it felt more. Today i will try with 70-80% fuel cut and see the results.. Stock turbo doesn't hold a high boost pressure so.. Attached log with 1.6bar of boost, here loooks ok Log 2018-09-27 9;38;10 pm 1.6 ff.llg
  3. andrey

    Flat Shift

    Trying to get the fastest shifts, but time for 1/4 mile does not improve much. Initially i tried flat shift with ignition cut, but pop and bangs just destroyed my titanium exhaust. I've attached settings and log file, please advise if something is wrong. Log 2018-09-27 10;00;05 pm ff 95 % cut.llg
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