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    Hey. I want to buy ALTEZZA LINK -TALT +, I am interested in if new version ( X for ALTEZZALINK TALT + ) will be released soon?
  2. Hi I will try the update if it does not help, I will contact you thanks for the help
  3. HI It hasn’t ever sent for any service before. Can I send it now? The only issue is the fuel indicator is not working as it should. If I update firmware may it fix the issue? Or does it need a hardware upgrade?
  4. HI I don't remember exactly when I bought it, I took a picture of the serial number on the box.
  5. the same problem the fuel gauge not work. machine year 2000 ((((( Toyota Altezza SXE10 G4+ plugin Modelled fuel_14.pclr
  6. I tried and almost the same problem occurs (( Why then when starting the motor for some time not to see the rpm signal, can this be a problem that falls on volt the batteries? 18.pclr 18.llg
  7. video I recorded a video and you can see what I mean Engine needs more revolutions to start than it normally took with stock ECU. It feels like 2 or 3 seconds more. So it is quite noticeable. I assume this is related to fueling for instance crankshaft enrichment, but I am not quite sure what exactly to tamper with. So I have uploaded PCl and Log files and you can look at them to find a solution of this issue. I think it must be something simple, but I don't have much experience in these stuff so I don't make my own assumptions.
  8. hi thanks for the help, I haven't performed trigger 1 calibration. I think it is already calibrated for 3SGE engine. Calibrate Ref Timing 0 Trigger Offset 145 (must check) VVT Control .
  9. it is difficult to start the car in what could be the problem? 17.pclr Log 2019-01-5 5;23;07 pm.llg
  10. As I marked with the red arrows on the picture, when you release the gas pedal, the Engine speed is continuing 1 more second. How can I fix this? my file and log https://we.tl/t-IcMcioKyXD
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