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  1. thanks Adamw. just to be clear i could ground the sensor to the same pin as the shields? also, can the evo 7 Vehicle speed sensor be connected using the same logic? ie ground using a sensor ground even thou it is a 12V sensor
  2. hi everyone, I'm about to embark on my first major standalone ecu project. I'm designing an engine harness for a evo 7 using a link g4+ fury ecu and will be tuning the ecu also. I have one little issue which i cant seem to wrap my head around. the OEM evo cam and crank sensor both have a 12V+ supply. what i'm trying to figure out is do i ground using the sensor ground pin or the power ground pin (if its the power ground pin to i splice close to the ecu or at the end closer to the star earth on the block)? i'm using twisted shielded cable for both sensors. the braid of the shielded should be connected to shield ground?
  3. Hi Senordos, i fiddled a bit more and tried the windows 10 compatibility tester. its initial recommendations didn't really help so the tester probed some more. the second recommendations looked to help alot. i haven't tested it connected to a car but the ghosting of the previous tables are gone
  4. good day everyone. i too am having the same issue. i upgraded to 5.6.6 and it didn't go away. i'm also using the integrated graphics card on my windows 10 laptop. it does work better (but not completely solved) when i put the scaling to 100% but it way to small to view on my 14 inch laptop. any suggestions?
  5. thanks Adam! all this is new to me so sorry if i'm coming across as nagging. your support is A1 as usual and i am very grateful for it! thanks you again and enjoy your day!
  6. thanks again Adam! you provide A1 support! could i get another version of the G4+ storm black sample config? below is what i'm getting when i enable it on my sample file G4+ Storm Black Sample.pclr
  7. thanks Adam for the quick reply, i have one more question. so even thou i haven't purchased the ecu yet, i went ahead and downloaded the pclink software to get familiar with it. when i load up the sample G4+ storm black configuration i see the option to enable the 4D mode and set the table activation but i dont see the actual map itself after i turned the the 4D mode on? Am i following the correct procedure? Also if i load another sample configuration eg the "fury" or the "evo 4-8" and i enable the 4D mode i usually get a prompt and the table appears.
  8. good day, I'm in the process of selecting an ecu to run my (soon to be built) SR20vet project. i am gravitating towards the G4+ storm black ecu. but i have a question? does storm ecu have the ability to do 4D/5D tuning? i'm thinking of using 4D/5D compensation for my water/meth kit that's on the vehicle. can the storm ecu do this?
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