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  1. I’ve shared a llf with someone and when he tries to load pclink says the file is encrypted to another ecu ! ?
  2. Booston

    Boost trace log

    What’s the way to view a boost trace v rpm in a graph form ? Like a dyno graph boost trace tia
  3. Booston

    Boost kpa psi or bar

    Sussed kpa /100 is bar
  4. How was the lag? Kiwi 4 is meant that be 8 times faster than kiwi 3 anyone on kiwi 4?
  5. Booston

    Boost kpa psi or bar

    Hmmm can’t see bar ! ?
  6. Booston

    Boost kpa psi or bar

    Can map be represented in psi or bar ? And in relative or absolute
  7. What literature is there to learn the features of the G4+ and software from ? had a link installed and mapped by tuner but I like to know what all the settings done
  8. RealDash crashes as soon as USB port 3 is used ? fix? win10 on Linx8 tablet
  9. Booston

    pc link setup exe

    ive downloaded the software but clicking on it to install it does nothing! ? win xp
  10. Under the specification tab for evo 9 plugin ecu
  11. For evo9 plugin where is this accessory available and how much? cant see it listed as an accessory in accessories will the ecu alone provide any knock control ? So what extra benefit is closed loop ?
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