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  1. an update changed my windows ( 8.1 to 10 i think ) but ever since all my parameters for display had set to zero and terminology changed saying soft and hard! also now my lambda has 3 decimal places! any global fix? tried getting windows 8.1 again but nothing. also you can see oil pressure is alarming at 1psi when the high warning value is above ! ?
  2. Can this be wired direct to an input ?
  3. Booston

    Target afr protection

    No takers ? Seems like a basic function to have ? An oem ecu would at least put CEL on if adjustment was beyond normal! ?
  4. Can anyone think of a protection strategy for being out of target AFR by a percentage greater than ? i.e if clamp at 8% then at 10%+ fuel cut or other Tia
  5. Hi I cannot get Aux 4 on car pin 55 to change state ! i noticed in function list “nc”! Is that not Not Connected? Not Configured?
  6. Can you choose the x axis parameter instead of log time ? rpm would be very useful
  7. Has anyone ran PCLink on a raspberry Pi? or is there a Linux link version ?
  8. Booston

    Fuel level

    What are the most common types of sender ? 4-20mA or ? looking to get this into the ecu then on to CAN for dash display . Easy done ?
  9. just a bit confused here having logs when seemingly condition not met! so are the 4 main Conditions ALL must be met or any one? and MAP will not allow value lower than 0 but might want logging to start just above idle vac! -30 say! how do you set that. why does the timeline have a minus value! can this be changed to a date/time? Tia
  10. When I first looked at protection method I was surprised not to see it as described above. Below set point against rpm = cut simples
  11. Booston

    Graph trace

    Ya bugger I found it. In pc log setup . Auto or time in secs ! Thx
  12. Booston

    Graph trace

    How bizarre it certainly doesn’t do that on mine ! ill get a vid/ screen grab
  13. Booston

    Graph trace

    yes live view doesn`t display as yours does feel free to steal the Dash layout ;-)
  14. Booston

    Graph trace

    full screen white dash plus timeplot start pc log.llf
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