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  1. Adam there is no LF wheel speed without di to choose from ! ?
  2. so toggling U changes all data but speed up on youtube in a mo
  3. No change Adam. Well all other data did but speed remained at kph
  4. i've same issue. evo 9. saw above comment on lf wheel speed which is di3 but still dont know how to get mph
  5. Booston

    Xy plot hold

    Anyway to make xy plot hold instead of after a few seconds it wipes away ?
  6. Booston

    Make fuel cut softer

    I know I should ultra rarely hit fuel cut but when I do it’s harsh, best way to soften it?
  7. Awesome Adam thanks. It takes away switchable boost levels but hey
  8. Hmmmmm perhaps torque management can be used ? its my gearbox they have a very weak 4th gear over all other gears and will be broken if torque is as high as available so I thought to reduce boost at peak torque in that gear but now maybe TM is for this ?
  9. Booston

    Target afr protection

    Thanks Ducie, I don’t want to view what’s going on ( mostly race car ) just want automation and safety. X could be on the cards then
  10. Cheers Brad I get that , but wouldn’t I then loose DC based by TPS / RPM ?
  11. 6 boost tables ? Hmmm I don’t know how to create a table for each gear . Possible ?
  12. Is there a way to have a different duty cycle in a particular gear at each rpm point ? the global gear correction is not sufficient for my needs
  13. Booston

    Target afr protection

    Is there no way to monitor correction level and if it’s excessive have an action ? Even a CEL would at least give an indication something is on the move. You get this on stock ecu’s
  14. Doing similar but with rpm limit if afr below x at load/rpm. not quite what I wanted but , I wanted to monitor corrections not failings. If I monitored corrections and had safety of correction over 5% either CEL or rpm cut I’d know something was up before a critical condition.
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