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  1. an update changed my windows ( 8.1 to 10 i think ) but ever since all my parameters for display had set to zero and terminology changed saying soft and hard! also now my lambda has 3 decimal places!

    any global fix?

    tried getting windows 8.1 again but nothing.

    also you can see oil pressure is alarming at 1psi when the high warning value is above ! ?




  2. just a bit confused here having logs when seemingly condition not met!


    so are the 4 main Conditions ALL must be met or any one?

    and MAP will not allow value lower than 0 but might want logging to start just above idle vac! -30 say! how do you set that.

    why does the timeline have a minus value! can this be changed to a date/time?


  3. Here is a time plot and 3 pulls of boost showing steady boost but that is zoomed in to a log around 10-15secs of window on the graph  y axis of roughly a 3min log. I want to see that constant 15sec y axis live instead of the graph concertina the data to the left eventually reducing the resolution on the right. I know it’s splitting hairs and can be done after but I need live view.




  4. Hi Adam yes in time plot but time plot is all of the data it’s just squished to the left but the longer the log the less resolution you have. I know it can all be in very fine detail when looking at logs but I wanted to see a trace live 

  5. Any way to watch a trace with a 5 sec window? 

    I.e in the graph I don’t want to see the trace from it’s start and it builds the timeline. I only want to see data upto 5secs old. So data 6 secs old should off the graph to the left.


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