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  1. thanks for the reply guys ill fix that stuff...however that doesnt explain why its not going back into closed loop. why is that happening?
  2. Hello I am having an issue with my e throttle idle in closed loop. When i initially start the car the idle operates as expected and warms up fine however when i start driving the car and come back to idle at a stop sign or something the idle stays very high. Its a 93 mazda rx7 and I will attatch my latest log file and tune for settings. Im thinking its something i accidently changed but hopefully you can see whats going on. On the parameters window i set up i can see after driving and stopping the CL Idle trim is 0 like its not coming back to CL after driving. 1st drve new engine.llg dbw tune - idle issue.pclr
  3. Thanks guys I ended up booking up to an oscilloscope to watch the signals and it was basically erratic which explains the bouncing around I saw sporadically through the ecu. I ended up going to anjunk yard and picking up another one and it works flawlessly. Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I am having an issue with what seems to be my rx8 e throttle pedal or setup of said pedal. I have pinned the throttle out according to the rx8 wiring diagrams (or so I think) with pins A&D going to 5v, pins B&E going to gnd, and pins C&F doing to my 2 ap analog inputs (an7 and an8 on my link fury which are set to app main and sub respectively). What I'm seeing when I go to calibrate the pedal is when it tells me to fully depress the pedal and fully release the pedal the voltage doesn't change and the sliders stay at the top of the range. I'm getting no power errors or anything like that in the ecu, and my GM Throttle body calibrates as it should. It's a known working pedal so I'm kind of stumped here. Any help would be great.
  5. Hey Adam thanks for the input, Im still having issues with this. on starting the car on a hot start the car seems to be idling low rpm and a little rich and acts like it wants to die unless i give it throttle but when its hot there are no enrichments enabled like warm up or post crank enrichment, after it gets going about 30 seconds to a minute it starts to idle fine around the 1100rpm mark. where could the extra fuel or idling issue b coming from. also i did some adjusting to the idle ign control table but the car still wants to die on closing the throttle and i drove it about 30 miles today fully warmed up and 3 times it died when i go into neutral and just cruise. I have attached a log of the hot start issue where i give it gas and it dies when i let off the throttle, as well as my current tune if you can take a look. also i replaced the oem throttle body with a 90mm rotary works throttle body. id really rather not use an IAC valve if i can do without it. G_rev4.pclr 4.7 hot start off throttle issues.llg
  6. thanks adam. I realized this after posting. i think i may need to have them kick on to a larger contribution earlier in the staging table as well as the 2000cc injectors are fairly non linear below 2ms pulse widths.
  7. I have a quick question regarding my link fury injector staging on my rx7. I have secondary injectors set to stage in at 6.5 psi (MGP) to take on 10% of the overall flow in the staging table at 8psi its set to be 25% and so on until the pulse widths match at 12.3psi. im looking at a log and i can find that at shortly after the 10 minute mark my injector staging table value reads 34% but my secondary inj duty cycle value is always 0 while my primary injectors are over 100% duty cycle. i have a 3000 rpm secondary lockout as well as a 3 ms lockout set but neither of these should affect the secondaries as the rpm is close to 4000 and im sure at providing 34% of flow the ms value should be greater than 3. am I missing something? I have attached my tune but the log is 5mb and wont let me upload so i attached a screen shot that shws 'inj duty cycle (sec) to be 0 at the moment when the staging table reads 34%. thanks is advance for your help. g-finale_rev3.pclr
  8. Thanks Adam I will look into that. As far as the coil dwell, I have a dwell map that varies with boost i will update it with, i set to all 7s when i was debugging my previous issue we communicated about which turned out to be stuck apex seals and required me to rebuild. So far I have limited the rpm and boost so the 7ms everywhere should be fine. Im running the IGN1a Coils and at 8000 rpm i can dwell them around 4.5ms in direct fire and still be ok.
  9. Hey, I have an issue where My car will die at idle rpm (around 1000 rpm) when coming to a stop sign sometimes or on off throttle after a pull. I havnt dug really deep into the issue yet but I was hoping someone might have some insight on where to start. I went for a short drive tonight and I have attached the log file here. you can see sometimes the car shuts off and I just start it back up. I dont have an IAC valve and its an rx7 single turbo. drive.llg
  10. Hey Adam, Thanks again for the help last month turned out that the Issue was siezed apex seals not creating compression. I have rebuilt the engine now and Im giving this another shot. I have uploaded the ECU file i will use. I took into account what you have pointed out so far. One question is the secondary injection staging table will not allow me click axis setup to change my axis. I would prefer to use MGP instead of MAP if possible. Also id like to change those numbers...any info you can offer on doing this would be awesome. 02_RX7 Basemap.pclr
  11. I noticed some weird settings but I started off by opening the extreme base map and then made all my changes like injectors and i/o etc. and then plugged n to my fury and did a store. idk if something happened when i did that like bringing over the settings from the ecu or something? Anyways I have a rotary compression tester. i tested the engine while it was down, its been down for a year doing single turbo swap and the Fury is a part of that. Before starting it today it had very strong pulses on all faces but now it just spins freely and i hear no compression while cranking. I need to go through some more mechanicals. Ok i recreated a the map using the fury base map will load this....also the water temp is accurate its just hot here. 01_RX7 Fury Basemap.pclr
  12. well thats good to hear but the the engine made excellent compression before cranking up the first time. i actually have a video and it fired up for less than 2 seconds. just fired and then died immediately. Here is my map that I have I didnt think to turn logging on pre crank. wish i had now RX7 S6 G4+Fury with internal lambda.pclr sorry wrong file this is it... RX7 S6 G4+Fury with internal lambda.pclr they are titled the same but the first one was old and in another location on my drive.
  13. Hello hopefully i am in the right spot, i have just finished installing a new fury ecu into my 93 rx7 and used the s6 basemap from the extreme. I set the crank to reluctor multitooth 12 tooth trigger priority set to trigger 1. After turning over for a minite it fired up but then dies immediately. After that the engine is making no compression. Im wondering if the timing is far enough off with the basemap to completely blow aN engine at sub 1000rpm levels? Does thebase map come calibrated to the factory trigger setup on an rx7?
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