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  1. Hi Adamw I switched the wires around and an now getting spark while cranking. Thanks so much for your help!!!
  2. I used a fluke 123B scoop and was able to get some screen shoots. The cam is in red and the crank is in blue. The pics are from the end of the wire harness at the ecu. I’m not sure if this is helpful I’m still learning to use this scoop
  3. I have checked the power supply a few times while cranking and cranking and it is always there. I will get a scoop in a few days to capture the crank and cam signal. Adamw would my crank signal be better if I installed a crank pulley from a new Subaru engine. I have attached a picture of the style I have on the engine now on the right side and the left side is what I would like to install. My question is would this work and what trigger set up would I use. I have read about that crank pulley and sounds like those years of Subaru only used crank signal on nun turbo engines and the turbo engines used both cam and crank
  4. here is the tune and a logfile Log 2019-05-5 5;03;09 pm.llg bug 2.2 subaru.pclr
  5. First thank you for responding to my problem I am using the stock coil and ignitor I think from a 1997 Subaru Impreza. I have checked for spark while cranking by grounding the plug to the block and there was no sign of spark. I have also checked the signal coming from the ecu with two wire test light and there is is no signal while cranking. It will spark one time as soon as I let off of the ignition key switch and I will see the timing light flash once. I have also did the ignition test checked all four plugs and the had very good spark.
  6. Hi I just installed g4+ on my Subaru 2.2 with 6/7 trigger pattern and I using the v1-6 Subaru base tune. When I crank the engine I’m seeing rpm but the ecu is not sending ignition signal while cranking. I think there is a problem with my trigger settings and was wounding what settings you used to get.your engine to run.  

    Any help would be great 

    Thank you 



    1. Handy1222man


      I wish I had an answer for u, but the truth is I haven’t been able to get it to run. I got it to stay on for about 5 seconds today but then it dies. It sounds like only a couple of cylinders are firing. I can send u the base map that tech support sent me, but I had to change so many things in it , I don’t know if it will help u any. If I make any progress I’ll let u know. And I would appreciate if u let me know if u get yours started. 

      Thank you 

    2. Sjol


      I will let you if I make any headway 

    3. Handy1222man


      I finally got mine started. It was my cam sensor was wired backwards. I switched the two wires and now I start no problem.

  7. I have just installed a g4+ monsoon and need help with the trigger setting for Subaru 2.2 engine with 6/7 trigger pattern. I have been trying to start the engine with the v1-6 basemap and it shows rpm while cranking but no spark signal. But if choose a different trigger setting it will spark while cranking but will not show rpm.
  8. I have a g4+ monsoon that I will be installing on a Subaru EJ22 that has had a turbo installed on it with 50 pound Bosch fuel injectors. I was hoping for some info with wiring it to the engine and a base map to start with and what the trigger pattern is. I also have bought the wide band CAN Lambda.
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