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  1. Hi, as a slight update I messed around with this a little more today and turned "Accel Enrichment" from TPS to OFF and it seemed to immediately solve the problem... are there any implications of turning this off?
  2. Hi All, Please let me start by saying I am very very unexperienced with car tuning and I usually pay my mapper to make any changes etc however he is a long way away and is not always easy for me to visit. I have done a lot of reading on here but I cant quite seem to find the answer to my issue, which is as follows. When starting my car from cold it usually takes a few tries, it then seems to run very very rich and like an absolute pig until warmed up, if I fight the spluttering and power through it will start to build boost at around 3,000 revs and start to become slightly more driveable although still very bad (And obviously not good to be pushing the car this much when so cold). The spluttering is very severe and pops etc. I have access to the ECU via PC Link and I can save the file and send or something if somebody is able to help maybe? Or if there is anything you would like me to check or take screenshots of I'd be very appreciative. Thanks All, Sam
  3. Yup... New plugs and it started first time. Assume the plugs got too wet etc when the loom was damaged. Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. Thanks ever so much! That is super helpful. Couldn't find it earlier. Will try this tomorrow.
  5. How do I do this test? From within PC link?
  6. Nope, checked them all with a multimeter. I pulled one of the spark plugs and turned over and there is a spark, it also smells like there is fuel?
  7. Nope, we triple checked these as we were doing them,
  8. I plugged the computer in whilst turning over and I am reading the ~200rpm when turning over as you suggested above. I couldnt work out how to do the ignition/fuel tests you suggested? I looked under diagnostics but it was blank.
  9. Nice one, thanks for the help
  10. OK, I managed to connect to the ECU fine, change values, save etc. which is great news as should mean my ECU is ok... now I just have the problem of why the car wont start
  11. OK, yup I have one of those, I will plug in to my laptop this evening and see what happens.
  12. I have access to a laptop... but I dont have a CAN to USB cable?
  13. At this stage I am unsure... whats the easiest way to check? To try and keep a long story short, I have a 1999 impreza and I drilled into the wiring loom in the drivers wheel arch, I hadnt realised and started the car to turn it around, quickly turned it around, no issues. but when I went to start again it would not fire up, everything was cranking and can smell fuel... I then found the damage to the wiring and proffesionally repaired. But the car still does not turn over. I have checked all of the cars fuses and all are fine. ~I am now wondering if maybe one of the ignition wires were damaged intially and the car has been flooded or something?
  14. Hi All, Hoping somebody can help me, does the G3 have an internal fuse or anything like that?
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