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  1. I plugged the computer in whilst turning over and I am reading the ~200rpm when turning over as you suggested above. I couldnt work out how to do the ignition/fuel tests you suggested? I looked under diagnostics but it was blank.

  2. At this stage I am unsure... whats the easiest way to check? 

    To try and keep a long story short, I have a 1999 impreza and I drilled into the wiring loom in the drivers wheel arch, I hadnt realised and started the car to turn it around, quickly turned it around, no issues. but when I went to start again it would not fire up, everything was cranking and can smell fuel... I then found the damage to the wiring and proffesionally repaired. But the car still does not turn over. I have checked all of the cars fuses and all are fine. ~I am now wondering if maybe one of the ignition wires were damaged intially and the car has been flooded or something? 

  3. Thanks very much for the fast reply! Seems like a lot of effort if it is not even going to work completely. 

    As I say, my knowledge is less than average on these things... Is CAN like an alternative to OBD2 ? Basically I want to see real time data from the ECU and am trying to weigh up my options i.e will an OBD2 reader work?


  4. Hi All,

    Please let me apologise in advance for my distinct lack of knowledge when it comes to ECU's and the technology associated with them. I purchased a car recently with a Link G3 Ecu. On the back of this I read that the JT innovations Toucan works with Link ECU's... Since purchasing the Toucan I have read a few things that say it works with G4 but no mention of G3... does anybody know if it works? IF not, the next question is I have heard that the Link G3 can be upgraded to a G4?? what is involved in this please? 

    Appreciate any info anyone can offer.

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