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  1. am i correct in saying AUX 5-8 are capable of doing this?
  2. Hi, have a link storm and need to use an Aux output to turn a main relay on, supply 12v out rather than grounding, which Aux outputs are capable of doing this?
  3. Thanks for the reply again I am making an adaptor harness and would prefer to keep the rest of the harness as factory so if I ever want to take the link out and revert back to factory ecu I can. Yes I have worked out the ecu hold power circuit so that the igsw connects to a digital input and via a diode initially powers the ecu then when the ecu is powered up aux out holds on the main relay. It’s just that the factory ecu puts out 12v to the main relay down to ground. the iacv is of the factory stepper motor type (6wire), in the link help manual it says that aux 5,6,7,8 must be used to drive this, is this the case? as it’s only being low side driven, if I could move the stepper motor away from these aux then I could use the high side drive capability of these aux to power the main relay. Alan
  4. Hi adam, thanks for the reply. The power to the ecu is feed by a main relay, can I just tap off the feed to the ecu and put it to the soliniod, need to do this for vvti and boost. also I have an issue that the factory ecu puts high side to the main relay, will I have to feed power to this relay instead and ground it through an aux output like with the two soliniods above?
  5. Hi guys, am wiring up a storm into a jzx100 with 1jz vvti, firstly if anyone has a wiring diagram for this car? it would make life a lot more easier for me. my question to start things of: wiring the vvti soliniod, the factory ecu connects to the vvti soliniod through pins ocv+ and ocv-, is it best to high side drive it from aux6 and put ocv- to ground or connect ocv+ to 14v and put ocv- to say aux 1 to low side ground it, or does it make no odds?
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