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  1. Thanks Adam, I might put together something myself. I don't actually have an ECU file yet, but I've been playing off one of the samples which I've attached here along with my dash configuration. I appreciate the help! Chris G4+ Thunder Sample-Chris.pclr MXG 1.2.zconfig
  2. I'm new to canbus, and I've been playing around with my new Link G4+ Thunder ECU. I've read some of the other posts and the help section in the PCLink software. Playing around with the Generic Dash template that ships with PC Link I can see everything I'd expect to see. I'd like to send more information though as the default template only sends approximately 36 parameters of the 120 I can receive on the AIM side. I was wondering what the best way to accomplish this would be? Some things I'd like to send over would be that are missing in the Generic Template are: Crank Case Pressure Coolant Pressure Turbo speed EGT Boost Trim Pot Position Traction Control Trim Pot Position At first thought I was thinking I could just define a custom can stream in the PCLink software and build a Custom can template in the AIM software. I did notice there was a CAN FULL LCC template in the AIM software that had some more parameters, but I don't see any of those on the PCLink side of things. I also considered using the second can stream for sending this data over, but I'd have to wire that in as I don't have that in the harness right now. What's the best way to handle this?
  3. Thanks Adam this answers my question pretty well and aligns what I was seeing in the software. A question for you as I'm getting up to speed on the Link software, I know in AIM's software you can create math channels for logging purposes. If I had a math channel I could easily do these calculations automatically to convert from the frequency to the actual RPM. Is it possible to setup Math Channels in the logger or is this something I'll have to setup somewhere else?
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I just got my Link Thunder ECU and I'm looking at how best to run a turbo speed input. From looking at the documentation DI11-16 are 6.5KHz and I seem to be able to configure them as frequency inputs from the Link G4+ Software, however I've read some conflicting information from other posts as to whether or not this will work: http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/6827-turbo-speed-input-g4-thunder-di-11-16/ Is this still an issue? I'd love to not have to run a converter for the signal if I can. Thanks
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