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  1. JP you wizard! i did just try setting my system Scaling to 100% but still no good, so i started playing around with the Compatibility settings for the EXE and doing it there seems to fix the issue! strange that the more powerful the machine the slower it goes? i just loaded it up on an old IBM and same issue but nowhere near as bad, and setting scaling to 100% fixed it there too.
  2. This is more aimed at the IT savvy bunch in here. I have read a few times that this is caused by display drivers being updated but i think this needs to be reviewed again. Was running an XPS 13 that always had a slight delay when loading the software or searching a parameter which i could live with. I've just replaced that with a HP x360 Elitebook i7 8650, 16GB SSD etc.. and the software is now nearly unusable. machine is well over spec'd for the task (IT by profession) Loading the software just hangs for 1-2 minutes with no Activity on Disk, Ram or CPU connecting to the ECU takes 10-15 seconds then it will lag for a minute before the software responds correctly (Actual connection is fine and runs at full speed, its just the gauges etc are stuck for a long time) once connected and the software is working, it works fine, except if you try to add a parameter, waiting for the list to redraw when you type say "fuel" will take upwards of 30 seconds, 10 seconds or so per refresh e.g. type FUEL and it will Redraw and load parameters for F then another 10 seconds and it will redraw and load Parameters for FU, etc. when you're at the track trying to troubleshoot an issue between sessions, this is a killer. Has anyone found a resolution? I only run 1920x108 so not an issue with 4K or anything like that. the old lappy was only an I5 with all around less specs and it performed better, if it wasnt stolen i would just keep using it. I suspect an issue with drivers for Display and the common theme so far i have found is Intel UHD Chipset. If anyone else has the issue it would be great to start to narrow it down a bit so the Developers can troubleshoot further! im going to dig up an old crappy lappy and see what that acts like. p.s. this is both of the latest versions of PClink
  3. Unless its only been updated in 5.6.6 (i had to revert to 5.6.5:3338) my base maps are still showing AUX4 -Tacho for: Subaru WRX V7 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr with a date of 24/08/2016
  4. got a persistent issue on two laptops. I have two mixture maps setup on two tabs "Mixture Map" and "Mixture Map 2" which relate to Fuel Table 1 and Fuel Table 2 (98 / E85) respectively for some reason whenever i load PClink, both tabs show Mixture Map (Fuel Table 1) even though the second tab is set to show Fuel Table 2 if i right click and choose Properties it is indeed correct, and then when i click ok (without actually making a change) the Mixture Map changes to Fuel Table 2 i am aware of it now (after stuffing up a few times over the last few months) but its pretty annoying and its caught the guys at the workshop out a few times also. any idea what causes it or a way around it?
  5. Guys, can you update the Pin Function for Tacho in the Help Manual and default for Base Map on WRXLink 7-9 its incorrect, should be IGN5 for Tacho not AUX4 (later HW revisions?)
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