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  1. lity

    Altezza Rs200 - DBW issue

    just checked - no log. attached is my pclr - my cold start is bad. and when driving in traffic with air con , lights .. etc - the rev drops quite a bit. would you be able to advice. thxs altezzaRS200.pclr
  2. lity

    Altezza Rs200 - DBW issue

    ok. any idea on this "2I've another DBW TB with premium kit (generally allows drive by cable) ; can the dbw be disable ; tps to remain ? if yes how \ where? and can i still setup to idle (for air con , lights .. etc) ? how & where? ?
  3. Few days back in a drive , my rpm suddenly stayed at high rpm , even thou i was on off throttle. I had no brakes too. Was a crazy scary experience. Manage to come out ok. Restarted the car several times ; it will high rev with CEL. And brake pedal was very hard. Later check and found - the DBW TB butterfly valve was in full open state. Regardless , engine on or off. Error code 70 and 75. I put in a spare DBW TB ; everything back to normal. 1) is there something like a "safe mode" that i can setup in links G4+? (how and where) In the OEM ecu ; if not mistaken it will cut off and run on limp mode - so that situation i experience wouldn't have happen with oem ecu. 2) I've another DBW TB with premium kit (generally allows drive by cable) ; can the dbw be disable ; tps to remain ? if yes how \ where? and can i still setup to idle (for air con , lights .. etc) ? how & where? Note : Altezza rs200 (manual)
  4. my tuner updated injector size as 320 instead of 365 , as the tuner found the fuelling values were too big via 365. 320 allows finer fuel tuning.
  5. OK to reconfirm - just need to run in modelled mode for the fuel gauge to report the fuel level accurately ? the injector size ; is this also required for accurate reporting of the fuel gauge level ?
  6. thxs. I still don't quite understand - how this impacts the fuel gauge reading - please can you advice further. Why wasn't 'modelled" made default ? It would make sense that we would want the fuel gauge reading to report accurately ...
  7. Stupid question- where is modelled mode in the menu?
  8. Hi I recently installed the the G4+ , found the following not working properly: Where do i correct the settings in the ecu for the below following: 1) fuel gauge meter is not reporting accurately. The fuel warning came up. Upon refuelling - it max out at 35 Litres. Altezza fuel tank capacity 60 L. 2) Traction control - light blinking. Can't turn it off. How to disable from the ecu? 3) Snow - how do disable from the ecu? 4) heater - how to disable ? 5) idling with air con - rev is bouncing between 400 - 1500 rpm .. thxs
  9. lity

    Altezza Rs200

    The altezza stock throttle body is known to be problematic after a while. Especially the idling , and quite costly to replace new. Looking to improve the situation via "links' ecu .... last resort to go with ITB ... but with stock engine - the improvements are minimal. Any idea ?
  10. lity

    Altezza Rs200

    Hi Links, I've a Altezza rs200 manual with the premium throttle body kit. But the DBW (drive by wire) I suspect is not working properly. The engine can't idle, engine light is on. But given that i've the premium kit - the throttle can be fully manage by cable. Only problem it will report error back to the stock ecu . If going with the link ecu (LINKs G4 plus) - can it by pass the DBW ? and can it idle ? generally will it fix this issue ... thxs Premium throttle body - will convert the operation method of the throttle body providing the user with more direct control. By eliminating the communication between the acceleration position sensor, computer and throttle position sensor more direct control of the throttle body can be achieved. In addition, the automatic closure of the throttle body as communicated by the computer to the TPS can also be avoided further providing better control during sports driving. Along with improved response and sound this item has been developed to further improve the driving experience. https://www.rhdjapan.com/premium-japan-throttle-convert-kit-sxe10-altezza.html
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