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  1. Mr2cycle5

    R33 GTR Cold start hesitation

    Having now loaded the base warm up enrichment table to the ecu, it’s running great on first kick up in a morning thank you.
  2. Mr2cycle5

    R33 GTR Cold start hesitation

    Yes, theres an Aem wideband gauge fitted and working, but it isn't connected to the ecu.
  3. Mr2cycle5

    R33 GTR Cold start hesitation

    Ok great, thanks for that. I'll alter the warm up enrichment figures halfway towards the base values first and see what difference it makes.
  4. Mr2cycle5

    R33 GTR Cold start hesitation

    Hi, Only had the car a week, but now know it runs terrible when first fired up in a morning from stone cold. It starts on the button, idles fine and has never cut out. The problem starts when I first drive the car. Power totally drops off and I can see from the wideband that it goes far into lean. I've included the base map and a log I've compared the post start enrichment and warm up enrichment figures, from my base map to the stock G4+ map and can see a variance in values. My question is, can I simply change my figures to match? Or do I need to take other factors into consideration (modifiications) and make incremental alterations instead? Any advice would be much appreciated. Edit. So the lower the cell number equates to a richer fuel setting...It looks like the lower values I already have set, suggest it would run richer than the stock base map. Does that point towards a faulty o2 sensor or something else that’s at fault? K40 SKY Base Map.pclr K40 SKY cold start.llg