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  1. Awesome mate thanks for the info.

    I am running the 6758 which is the only 12 blade turbo in the EFR range so i could also use the divide by 8 function to get a better resolution.

    150,000 (max RPM) * 12 = 1,800,000
    1,800,000 / 60 = 30,000 Hz
    30,000 / 8 = 3,750 Hz
    3,750 / 8 = 468.75 Hz

    Which is under the 'roundabout' limit of 500hz that the fury/extreme can handle.

  2. I have a limited understanding in IC's and am not really sure what to make of the diagrams on the first page. I understand that this IC is used to reduce the frequency to something under the 500hz limit that the non-thunder ECU's can handle however the wiring side is what i need help with.

    I understand that pin Q5 is the ÷10 output that gets fed into the ECU's DI input.

    +5VDC from ECU sensor power supply goes to which pin on the IC?
    Turbo speed sensor original output goes to what pin on the IC?
    Does the IC need power earth or sensor earth fed into it and on what pin?

    Thanks for you help mate, much appreciated.

  3. On 10/23/2018 at 7:54 PM, Richard Hill said:

    Another way to work around the missing inputs on the Thunder (or to divide an input frequency down on other ECUs) is to use a CMOS 4018 IC.  No external components required and can be powered from the ECUs +5 Volt supply.  To divide by 10, the inverted Q5 output is fed back into the data input pin.  I used this last week to divide by 8 on a fury (I fed back the inverted Q4 pin to data)

    Hope this helps,


    Hi Richard,

    Did this work effectively with the fury ECU? I am not very well versed in electronic circuits/IC's and as such don't quite understand your diagrams. Are you able to perhaps supply some simpler ones and photos of your setup?

    Thanks in advance,


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