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  1. sorted this now, i uploaded the last known good .pclr file and input the new parameters again and it seems to have sorted it
  2. jdm_brett

    ECU log file query

    Hi guys, im looking for some advice on the ECU log file setup i have been saving all logs since the ecu went in, either pc logging or ecu log file download and when downloading the ecu log file,, It used to be one continuous log of all the last journeys up to the storage limit and this was fantastic but just recently ( after adding afew more parameters to the ecu log 2 weeks ago ish) it now only lets me download the last log, ie the last time the engine was running, turning off and restarting overwrites the previous log i have included 2 screenshots one is the continuous log with multiple starts, the other is a hot start test log after being out for 2 hours purposefully to get logs with approximately 10 starts no laptop, i came home to download them and the hot start i did on the drive is all that i can down load any ideas what i have changed by accident? cheers
  3. jdm_brett

    NGTR+ pin outs

    Hi, i have a query on the pin outs for the Nissan NGTR+ plug and play for me its not been very plug and play ( my own fault ) i have an r33gtst running on a modified apexi gtr ecu and custom wiring previously my own ms3x on the Link pdf / installation booklet i notice there are pins that are unlisted eg, pins 5, 8, 10...56, 57 are they connected to anything ecu side? are they just dead ends once they get through the header? cheers is there a more detailed pin out, listing every pin including the missing ones? cheers ps excellent forum, this is my first post but i have read countless posts that have answered questions that have already been asked cheers
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