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  1. Turbo is rated at 450bhp hybrid t3. Sports cat 200cell. Engine is new. Compression good. Regards rich Thanks brad. I will sort a log next week. Regards rich
  2. Hi guys. I have a major problem. I have a subaru 2l fully forged engine. It has updated injecters rotated turbo setup etc. Running link g4 ecu. Problem being it's been at the tuners for 5months. I don't know if he doesn't know what he's doing or what. Well any way to cut a long story short it made 279 bhp and 390 nm. He has told me it should make alot more. Apparently the problem isn't the engine setup. The car can't be driven on the tune he has done. Is there anyway that someone van look at the tune ?. I'm completely stuck now. Regards rich
  3. Hi guys. I'm a bit new to this but I am trying to find out what parts etc are required for putting anti lag on my car. I have just built a fully forged 2l Subaru engine for hill climbing. It's at the tuners at the moment. Please could someone enlighten me. Regards rich
  4. Thankyou. Got it sorted. Very impressed it started first time so did a quick log. Log 2018-11-3 12_32_26 pm.llg
  5. Hi Guys I purchased a new Link G4 Ecu for my subaru last week and didnt realise i needed an unlock code. Does anyone know how I can get the code. I have proof of purchase from Jap Performance in the UK. Regards Rich
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