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  1. Badnews

    GPS Speed input?

    Do you have any good suggestions on how to come up with a good low speed alternative? Just do a time vs VSS?
  2. Badnews

    GPS Speed input?

    I am highly considering the Link Thunder for my next ECU. I just want to make sure I am able to do a GPS Speed input. Let me explain what I really want as a final result. I want to have a normal VSS working while also use a GPS speed input for traction control. I have a AWD car with a welded center diff. So I cant use the front vs rear wheel speed as a traction control option. So I was thinking about doing a VSS vs GPS speed for traction control. I know I would need a fast GPS. like 20 hz at the slowest. 50 or 100hz even better. Now can you suggest a GPS device that would do this that I can use? Or is there a way if I get a Dash that has a GPS input then maybe the dash can send it to the Link ECU via CAN and I use that in traction control? Let me know if there is a way to do this?