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  1. Thanks for the Information, the speed reading in the PC Link software is correct.

    The current problem, as far as I understand it is the following. The stock RB transmission speed sender is acting as a pulldown to ground and therefore the cluster is the driver.
    By wiring the cluster to the the link g4 (DO4) is the Driver, which won't work because there is no pull down to Ground option...

    Am I correct?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Hey there, I need support in setting up my nissan R33 speedo. I‘m getting the signal from a hall effect sensor on my cd009 gearbox into my G4 fury. 

    I send the speedo signal via aux4 to the stock R33 speedo. But the needle does not move in neither setup.

    is the G4 fury not able to send the needed 12v signal to a nissan speedo?

    what can I do?

    thanks and regards


  3. Hey there, I'm using the G4+ Fury to run my RB25DET. Up to now I tried to setup the bosch idle control valve 0280140516. It really is impossible to have a stable idle with this valve. It does not let idle drop under 1000rpm. If I try to close it more than that, it completely shuts and the engine shuts down.

    Can you please recommend a idle control valve that perfectly works with my G41 Fury?


    thanks for your help


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