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  1. Ahh, found it... thanks Brad!
  2. Hi Adam, Are you able to share the ST205 (3SGTE) base map which is on the plug and play ECU? I'd like to see which pins you have pre-configured? You've previously shared a 3SGTE base map, but it appears to have a bunch of inputs which the standard car wouldn't have, so I'd like to have a look at the plug and play one, if different. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Adam! That's exactly what I was looking for... really helpful (as usual!).
  4. Hi Adam, I've pasted the screen I believe you speak of below.... but this shows the error high and low in voltage... I assumed this was the "range" that the sensor was in normal operation, and outside of this range it would give me Error Value (so below, it would be 50degC). What I want to set up is that if the AIT is above, say 60degC to tell me... or if the ETs are above 100degC. Is this possible? For example, here is the screen from my old Motec...
  5. Hello, I'm sorry if this is an obvious one and I'm missing something simple, but I can't see where in G4+ where i can setup a warning / fault code when my AIT / ET / something else goes above a set figure. On my old Motec I could set up warnings which would flash up on dash if temps got high, or boost went high... I know I can setup the "gauges" to do something similar, but that's on the PC Link and not in the ECU. Also, if I want to send this information to a dash (I'll be doing this at some point) - or set up warning light - I'd need to be able to do this. I'm sure
  6. That's great... thanks!
  7. Adam, On this topic... if we setup like this (for instance, I've added a "Time Plot" and added Boost Target and MAP to this as parameters... will this allow me to see a chart while the engine is running, live, if I press F8 when ready to go? I'm collecting the car (which has a Fury on it) at the weekend, but trying to prepare the layout now. Thanks!
  8. Hi, Given the new G4X, for how long will tech support and PC Link software updates continue for the G4+ range? Cheers.
  9. Adam, Thank you very much! My laptop screen (or my eyes) is lacking so much contrast that I couldn't see that the original colour was brown, not red. I've changed to a nice prime colour now and it's perfect. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi there, When I'm checking things out offline -so not connected to my ECU - when I change parameters, the text goes red -- presumably to identify to me that I've changed that value but it isn't loaded to the ECU, I don't know. However, red text on my laptop screen against the black background is impossible to read - I've tried setting different colours in the themes, but none change this particular colour. Can anyone help? Cheers!
  11. Thanks Adam. Just for other people’s future reference who happen across this topic... The cable I purchased is an ADVENT (AUEX48M15) USB 2.0 Extension. 3 metres (plugged into 1.5 metre Link tuning cable). Bought from Curry’s / PC World in UK. I’ve done ignition base timing and about 2 hours of settings and fuel table stuff so far with no issues... however heed Adam’s warning in case there are connectivity issues!
  12. Thanks Adam - I'll give it a go!
  13. Ahh, thanks for confirming.
  14. Brilliant. Thanks Richard. Bought a 3m extension on way home from work... works a treat!
  15. The ECU is in the boot... the mapping needs to be done in the car. The provided cable isn’t long enough. What is the recommended approach? To get a USB extension cable, or to get a longer Link tuning cable?
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