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  1. Hi I have an link pressure sensor that I'm wanting to setup for a safety feature can someone point me in the direction of a thread to configure the link ECU I'm hoping to get rid of my factory fitted oil pressure sensor if I can use that input? Thanks
  2. Excellent seems to be pretty similar then. Thanks for your response.
  3. On idle what should I expect my injector duty cycle to be. I'm trying to work out my resolutions in the fuel table. I have my injector master fuel at 6ms with plus 20% trim. That's giving me around 38% in my fuel table on idle but my injector duty cycle seems really low at 1.6% maybe that's fine I'm relatively new to this just seems low to me. I'm running 550cc injectors on my R53 mini cooper s. Thanks
  4. Bananawasp

    Can lambda help

    So after changing my settings i got the lambda sensor working. In the mode drop down box I selected the setting for mini r53 and was hoping it would just pick up the setting. Thanks for everyone that helped!
  5. Bananawasp

    Can lambda help

    Hi I'll try it again. On the G4+ mini link it automatically adds some of the settings I might try and use the user defined instead. I wasn't sure at first if I was using the pins on the side of the connector. Ie when you mate the connectors together pin 4 on the ECU is pin2 on the canf connector if you get my meaning. Thanks for the response.
  6. Bananawasp

    Can lambda help

    Hi all I have just purchased a can lambda kit to go with my link ECU. I have follow the instruction to wire it but I'm struggle to find the can device in my ECU. I have wired the can high to pin 3 and I believe can low to pin 4 on the ECU side. Does that sound right? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone new to the group. I have just purchased a new ecu for my 2003 mini cooper s. But I have noticed that it says on all the paper work that a map sensor is not included. My mini has 2 map sensors as standard will these be ok or do I need to buy a link one? I have also purchased a a CAN wideband lambda sensor. But for what I can gather that will need an additional harness to be able to connect it up and use it. If I run the link CAN lambda sensor does that then mean I can remove or take out my standard narrow band sensors? Thanks
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