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  1. Anything else you can think of in that engine bay that isn't doing anything?
  2. Great thanks for that Adam, I'll stop routing the MAP sensor line through it then. So I would be right in assuming that the 'purge control solenoid' located on the rear of the intake manifold which is part of the EVAP system isn't doing much purging anymore either?
  3. Hi all Just wondering if the V44 PnP on a V6 WRX controls the 'pressure exchange solenoid'? Part number is 14774AA530. The vacuum line from the intake manifold to the MAP sensor routes through this solenoid but when you unplug the solenoid there are no ECU errors/voltage drops and when the solenoid is powered off you can't blow/suck through it in any direction. Just wondering if it is a hindrance to the MAP sensor now that I don't have the factory ECU and possibly the V44 isn't controlling it? Can I just run a vacuum line from the intake manifold to the MAP sensor (which is now an Omni Power 3 Bar) or does this solenoid have something to do with allowing the MAP sensor to read boost but not vacuum, instead making it read atmospheric pressure when the manifold is in vacuum? If it's not operational then it means I can get rid of it plus the unused factory boost control solenoid and big silly bracket they both share, cleans things up a little. If I can indeed run a vacuum line directly from the manifold to the MAP sensor does it need any check valves or filters on the line etc? Cheers Owen
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