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  1. imakehp

    CAN-EGT module

    Sorry, I read this in your earlier post and thought you could offer some guidance with this..... I've asked several times on the MS boards without success...I thought if I knew what exactly was coming out of the ECUMaster module I'd have a better chance of getting it and my MS ecu communicating..... Posted September 4, 2017 (edited) I can now confirm we that we have the Ecumaster EGT to CAN device working with any G4+ ECU. https://www.ecumaster.com/products/egt-to-can/ I will aim to get some instructions and support files into the next release of PC link but if anyone wants to use one in the mean time they can PM me for set up help. But, since I'm apparently not going to be able to use this with MS.....I have a brand new unit for sale cheap since it will work on you guys stuff....let me know it'll be 1/2 price... Thanks for you time, Dave
  2. imakehp

    CAN-EGT module

    This is the two main setup screens for Megasquirt CAN....I apologize for the HUGE screen shots....Can you tell from the photos what I need to change to try and get the EGT/CAN module to communicate with Megasquirt?
  3. imakehp

    CAN-EGT module

    I'm trying to get one of these ECUmaster EGT to CAN modules to communicate with my Megasquirt MS2 V3.0 ecu...... I'm hoping to find some info in the 2 files below to help me get the ECUmaster and Megasquirt talking.....I can't seem to find a program that will open, or convert, the files to a "normal" extension. Word, PDF, ect ect .......Any help available? OR, if someone here has gone through this already and can help that would be great !!! Thanks for your time, Dave Ecumaster Egt2CAN Stream2 ID1553.lcs Ecumaster Egt2CAN Stream1 ID1552.lcs
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