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  1. Hi neil, been check not a bulb, i have try my cluster to others car all function normally.
  2. Hi richard, i have done the test mode. Nothing happen. Try on and off still no CEL light. Anything i need to check? Thank you
  3. Hi and thank you richard, how to do the test mode? Im still new about this links ecu. Can you guide me ? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi to all. Still new regarding the ecu links plugins. My problem is, i been use this ecu about 4 to 5 month ago. Everyday when i start up the car always looking for the CEL indicator. But today there is no CEL indicator and i have check all the fuse and relay in a good condition. And also my car can startup like normal car. The im using my laptop to test the CEL , i try to disconnect the tps sensor. The code are been trace by the laptop but no CEL light in the dash cluster. Please help anything wrong here?
  5. Hi to all, just install plugins g4+ ecu for subaru ej207 . All in order and function, only my air cond compressor cannot engage the clutch. Check all relay and fuse all ok. Please help. . Sorry for my english. The motherboard for the version is v1.3
  6. Hi adamw, thank you for the guide. Yes this is the setting that i want to do. Thank you. Will try to set the dashboard parameter.
  7. Hi to all, just setup my dashboard using pc link software. But how to set the limit like RPM, ECT and other display for this. I am planning to do a tablet setup to my car as a display when driving. Need help to do the limit same like a warning when u exceed from normal reading. Please advise. Sorry for my broken english
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