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  1. Hey Simon, Last question on this unit (friend has located a hand controller so will just fit and see how she goes). I was under the impression from reading through the manual that this unit would be okay to run standard Nissan injectors (non gtr) without resistors inline but scrolling to the bottom of the manual it has a diagram with a 1OHM resistor on each injector driver. Do you know if this set up will need resistors? Thanks for all your help.
  2. I see! Well that makes things a little bit different, I'll have a chat to him and see what he wants to do. Might be easier to go for a later model ecu.
  3. Have attached a photo of main and sub board for you to take a look at. He has also bought the cable if any firmware needs updating.
  4. Hey there, A friend of mine has decided he wants to go extra period correct and dropped off a Link G1 (With Nissan sub board) for me to wire up. I've worked out everything I need to do aside from being able to use all three ign circuits for wasted spark & using the tacho output function (which seems to only be available on IG3). Is there a way around this? Any info would be much appreciated. I'm also wanting to use the standard Nissan Ignitor, is it possible to fire 2 channels using 1 ignition circuit? ie: ECU IG 1 ----> Ignitor 1/6 ---> Coils 1/6 ECU IG 2 ----> Ignitor 5/2 ---> Coils 5/2 ECU IG 3 ----> Ignitor 3/4 ---> Coils 3/4 Link P/N is 42133BAR & has a mfg date of 07 JUL 00. Cheers Bevan
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