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  1. Im awaiting a new ECU to arrive, its a plug-in G4X which of course uses the xtreme board. At the moment there are no signs of any base maps to suit this ECU. Im quite happy setting up from scratch but the only base maps are for lower spec ECU with less inputs and outputs so are useless. Will I have to wait for the ECU to be delivered before I can do anything, or will there be any base maps (for any plug in variant will be a starting point) available before delivery?
  2. I got a metal body silver one from Noel leeming the other day that worked just fine for real dash. Using it with a Tab S4 but no reason it wouldn't work with windows
  3. Hi Ive got onboard logging set up but something that recently came to mind was accurate total fuel consumed. Is this possible? Id like to extract the data from the log so that I know how much fuel used on each lap of each track etc. Its nice to have that sort of data.
  4. Has anyone found a way of displaying differential fuel pressure? that would be far more useful to me than just fuel pressure itself.
  5. Does anyone know a way of having a fuel level sensor input to the ECU displayed on the Dash? perferably calibrated value. Its easy to get the data into the ECU but I don't know if there is a way of getting RealDash to display it.
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