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  1. I cant seem to control the Engine Fan 1 with my Link G4+ PnP, the fan works when I turn on the AC so I know it is not faulty. But when I change the temperature to turn on Engine Fan 1 theres no difference. Which Aux Output do I need to specify?
  2. I am installing the PRP 12-1 Trigger Kit on my friends GTR R32 at the moment. Would like to know what are the settings in the Link ? And in the installation instruction mentions there may be advantage to grind off one tooth of the 12 tooth disc? https://www.platinumracingproducts.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/TRIGGER-INSTRUCTIONS-REV2-H.pdf
  3. Can I still wire a normal Wideband like Innovate MTX-L ?
  4. My friend has a older Vi-Pec for his GTR R32. How to tell between i-Series or v-Series? 44 or 88? I assume everything is same with Link G4? The ECU is locked with password, he wants to add CAN lambda, Boost Soleniod, CAN to OBD. Is it possible? I see there’s only one CAN port. I read they say there is some problem with earlier models Serial code before 10000, luckily we got one after Serial 10000.
  5. Same boat here I have the SARD 534cc 0.85ms dead time and no voltage. https://www.sard.co.jp/after_eng/products/engine/injector/injector_syasyu.html According to here http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?269098-Sard-800cc-dead-times it is at 12v not sure if it is accurate thou
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