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  1. Ok guys! Solved..... The trigger voltage was a little low do to bad ground. That is where we were getting some interruption. As well as on the boomslang harness. The polarity was not switched. He was very nice and they noted that for the S2000 market. So now everything is running great and even at cranking we have zero trigger error. Adam... Thank you sir! You were correct and it looks like everything is running smooth now. Hopefully if anyone has an issue like this. They can read this thread.
  2. The factory shield drain for the timing sensors on the S2000 is connected to a grounding bolt in the engine bay. The other grounds are OEM for Crank - and Cam - which are grounded to the default sensor/ timing ground pin on the Link. I think I am going to swap the sensor polarity at the pins themselves on the engine harness side of things. I am not sure why Link can not decipher the way it is wired from the factory? I will update you guys tomorrow.
  3. This is most likely the old platform. I will try to get it started again on S2000 mode in optical hall. That is the only way it has been able to run. Once the fans kick on it throws multiple trigger errors. I am assuming now it is a bad CKP sensor?
  4. The weird part about this is that the car with S2000 trigger option set and on optical hall started. Sounded great. But had major trigger errors once warm. It actually had more trigger error problems once the fans kicked on. I forgot to mention this car has a crafts works supercharger on it and was running a Series 2 AEM unit. Car ran fine but had idle issues. I am beginning to wonder if the CKP sensor is going bad? I will update you guys shortly. I am also contacting boomslang who made the jumper to make sure the polarity was reversed in the wiring. Thanks
  5. Trigger Scope Log 2018-12-8 10;03;44 am.llg
  6. Hi guys, Yes I will get a trigger scope up. The weird thing is yesterday it started on optical/hall with both sensors and was running. Was getting minimal trigger error but was still getting it. Seems on S2000 with reluctor the offset is wrong as it is popping. I could be wrong. I will do a trigger scope here shortly and post it up.
  7. Hi Guys, Recently purchased a link storm for the AP1 chassis. The car when choosing S2000 trigger pattern will not run or fire at all. Spits and comes up with multiple trigger errors. I am reading that the AP1 (First genreation S2k) has different setup. Can someone help?
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