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  1. Back for more issues, got alot of tuning to go still, but my boost solenoid doesnt seem to be giving requested, and im still ha ing tacho issues, was advised i need a tach converter and then wire it to ig- on Diagnostic port but doesnt seem to be working any ideas
  2. Okay buddy thank you Mate
  3. adam Hi mate regards to that base file, because im going r8 coilpack will the rev settings be done aswell? As ill have to connect the tacho signal directly to the ecu?
  4. Oh okay, nothing is wrong with it as it is not tested, but obviously i have a few checks and possibly some teething issues before i get my mapper down here, just want to make sure it starts, i know it may run a little crap but as long as it runs and idles
  5. Hi back on this topic, i saw that link are finally doing a plug and pkay ecu for the jzx100 any possibilities of getting that file instead?
  6. Thank you mate, so this file should get my car starting and running
  7. I will be running a link g4 storm, yes for now it is stock wasted spark setup, and no original cable throttle mate
  8. Hi guys anyone on here have a base file so i can get my car running once ive plugged it all in? Doesnt need to be a full map just basic air fuel spark vvti settings so it runs then will be going straight to remap once my turbo and stuff is on thanks in advance
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