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  1. jm480sx

    1uz vvti

    So I accidentally let the car get rained on. Had it running really well just the day before. Now I am getting surging, erratic rpm behavior and it just barely runs. Tried quite a few things, looking for suggestions or what I can provide you guys to help me. Kind of baffled.
  2. jm480sx

    1uz vvti

    Got it running this evening. Started to adjust the master fuel and it cleaned up and ran very well. I got a little carried away and reved it a few times and noticed some sparks coming out of the exhaust manifolds. Hoping this is just carbon? Quite a ways to go, but its nice to hear it run, and here is to hoping I didnt do any irrevocable damage.
  3. jm480sx

    1uz vvti

    Adam, why would I not be seeing any engine speed change during cranking? I am using the 1uz vvti base maps now, so that should automatically include the tooth count specs and settings for the trigger wheels right? I think the cam trigger is 5-2 and the crank is 36-2. The only thing I am thinking I should have to setup on the trigger side of things is the offset or base timing. Can you confirm?
  4. jm480sx

    1uz vvti

    Thanks for your reply Adam, I switched those settings this evening and got some promising pops from the engine before my battery died. I hate to be the new guy that doesnt have a clue, but I have few precious outside sources of information. My injectors are marked even on the passenger side 2-4-6-8 and odd on the drivers side. I am not exactly sure how the wiring guy correlated this to the outputs, but it wouldnt be difficult to figure out. Edit, my wiring guy sent me this picture: So how would one designate how/when/what group to fire at which point? Im assuming its a relationship with the trigger location and maybe the firing order? I hope the question makes sense and I appreciate your quick response.
  5. jm480sx

    1uz vvti

    I bought a g4 storm new in box from a local distributor in MD over the summer and have been having some issues getting a first start on it. To start with I loaded the 1uz VVTI base maps i found in the file, but was informed those may be the wrong maps to use. Claiming the maps in the file are for a 1uz VVTI 'Extreme'? and wouldnt work for your standard 1uz. Can someone confirm if that is a good place to start? 1995 S chassis 1998 1uz VVTI G4 Storm
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