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  1. Looking for the serial and power cable to connect a displaylink unit to a g3 plus. Can’t find anything online at all
  2. Oh really?? I never knew that!! Thanks!
  3. Yeah you’re right, My issue being that I don’t want to have the car mapped properly until it’s run in. The engine is freshly built so if i can run it in first then go for my power map I’d rather do that. My engine is the st205 but there isn’t a base map for a st205 with 800cc injectors. There’s no option for 800cc in the G3 menu. There is a base map for a st185 for a g3 but it’s not a 185 I have. As far as I can see there’s no st205 base map for the g3 at all regardless of injector size.
  4. Not had much luck with this. Car still has a small flat spot and doesn’t start well once up to temp. Ideally I need the st205 base map for 800cc injectors but for a G3
  5. No problem dude. Will just go through them manually.
  6. Can i open them in the g4 software?
  7. Ah ok thanks. I’ll go try and figure out how to do this haha! Thanks again
  8. thanks bud. Just checking over both files just now with my friend. he's away to send me his map file to make sure they are both identical.
  9. yeah, I was hoping there might be something obvious in the map file. I basically have no clue what i'm looking at!
  10. aw, oh well haha! Thanks anyway bud!
  11. yeah same plugs, same coils, same injectors. I don't have a lambda wired in, neither does he.
  12. This is my map here. My friend is currently out checking his settings incase they are for whatever reason any different to the settings i have here. mr2 map 17-12-18.pcl Forgot to say the car is overfuelling when revved. Fuel pressure is set to 42psi. fuel rail is a deadhead setup.
  13. RyanShepherd


    Ok, I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. Car has 800cc injectors, fully forged etc. A friend has a build pretty much the same (the cams are different) so I’ve used his map as a base map. Anyway, The car starts reasonably well and idles no bother at all. However as soon as I apply any throttle it kinda misfires then revs. The car will also only rev to 4krpm. Sounds like there’s a limiter on it. It’s deffo not useable like this. I do have access to a base map but it’s only for 550cc injectors. Any help appreciated, I feel like it’s just a settings issue somewhere. Jus
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