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  1. Fotis

    Link Monsoon

    Great everything's clear now. Thanks for your help Adam
  2. Fotis

    Link Monsoon

    Thanks Adam, can you give me more info on why i should change to wasted spark and multipoint group? Also do i need to change the wiring on my injectors i have them as sequencial? i will set multipoint group and Active drivers to IN1-4? I forgot to mention when i tried the multitooth/missing i forgot to change the trig priority to trig 1 and i left it as trig 2. Trig 2 was set to none.
  3. Fotis

    Link Monsoon

    Hi everyone, just wired in a link monsoon to a Toyota Yaris 1.3 2NZ-Fe engine. The engine has toyota cup camshafts which they delete the variable system (VVti) and the cam sensor. I have wired the Injectors sequentially and the ignition coils too. The problem is when i crank the engine no spark fires. If i do an ignition test the spark occurs. So i am thinking that the problem here is related to the crank sensor? Crank sensor is 36-2 teeth. Should i wire the sparks to wasted spark? I am getting Trigger Signal with no errors with 2Nz trigger mode- with multitooth/missing i am getting 1 error each time i crank.
  4. Fotis

    Injector dead time

    Hi everyone, looking for the injector dead times for 1.3 2nz-fe yaris. Anyone who has it? Best Regards Fotis
  5. Fotis

    Toyota Yaris 1.3

    Hi there looking for the ECU pinout to wire in a Link g4+ storm ECU. Anyone who can share it to me? Engine is 2NZ-FE Manual tranny Thanks in Advance.
  6. Alright by the fact that this will only occur at starting we can maybe try 36-4 or even cut 2 oppisite of the factory to be 18-2. The stock ECU at cranking first fires 2 times all of the injectors and then it starts sequencial one by one.. not sure if that help in anything but yeah. At the end of the day they start?
  7. I will procede this project with the Link Fury ECU. Thank you everyone. Ill keep you updated
  8. Great thanks for you info realy clears my mind. I will see if i can pick up a vipec if not i will do it with a link Best Regards
  9. So it will work just fine? If dash and ibr works with link ecu ill be keeping it. Thank you
  10. It is a 3 cylinder engine 1.5Liter. It has E-throttle it is a 6 pin but am not sure if it comunicates through the can bus system. For triggering it is 36-2 i have checked it. And cam sensor 1 teeth every 360deg. Other than that what else is needed? Can you tell if the e throttle is normal analog? Part number of e throttle : rotax 892592
  11. Make sure your dealer when generating the code does not put 0 in front of the 4 digits .
  12. IBR ( Brake and Reverse ) will be canceled. For the dash i think we will run an Aim Link steert dash. So other than dash and reverse brake everything else should work? Triggers i think is crank 36-2 and cam pulse x1 every 360deg.
  13. Hi everyone, we will be atteding to a european jetski race. Engine will be a fully built turbocharger. Can i run Link Fury ecu to the above jetski listed?
  14. Fotis

    Evo 7 Trigger

    Great. Thanks Adam
  15. Hi , is the ecu unlocked?
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