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  1. Realised its in Ohms. My bad! Will a 1k 0.5w resistor do the trick? will upload my ecu and dash tonight.
  2. Hi Adam, Sorry for the disturbance again. I have set up both EVOLink and AEM CD7 according to your specifications but to no available. It could be my input that is causing the problem. my reading is currently in Ohms, how do i convert it to show Volts?
  3. Hi, I'm running an EVOLINK+ on an evo9 with an AEM CD7 output. I have successfully got to read Fuel Level on my ECU via Analog Input 5 in Volts. How can I send this signal to my AEM CD7 as there are no "primary input" labelled as AN Input #. Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much! DAN LINK.aemcd7
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