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  1. Hi Tim, we have also experienced this issue of random deletion of internal log files. Last month, we attended an even which involved 8 separate runs around a track. We trigger internal logging with a switch wired to a Digital Input (so we can see that it is 'on'). For each of the 8 runs, we would switch it on, do the run, then switch it off. At the end of the event when I checked the logfile, there were only two runs recorded - very annoying. It was the last two that were recorded, indicating that the ECU just deleted the logfile at some point after the 6th run, and all we were left with was the last two. We then did exactly the same event this month, and all 8 runs were recorded perfectly. Go figure...
  2. Hi Chris, I recently wired in a Storm G4+ into a ST205 and it started straight up on the base map. My trigger wiring (from the distributor plug to the Storm) and trigger config are attached. I don't think the tuner had to change any of the trigger config at all. When you mentioned that you have left the G1 plugs in place, and added the G4+ plugs on, did you also shield the trigger wires between the G1 plug and G4+ plug? I'm not sure what length of wire you are talking about and the trigger signals are quite low-level. Maybe there is some interference creeping in there? Hope this helps.
  3. Hi there - just curious to know what benefits you are expecting to get by changing to DBW?
  4. It is unusual, because we ran with exactly the same ECU logging setup in Bunbury in June. It behaved itself perfectly at that event. That was 16 runs of about 3 minutes each.
  5. Hi Simon, the engine was not running when I extracted the log file. We've been burnt before having log files corrupted when attempting to download whilst the engine was running, so I always make sure the engine is off now. I'll try setting up connecting DI7 to au Aux, and then triggering logging from that. Is there a 'ECU Logging active' parameter within the ECU that I may be able to use to drive a Digital Output? If so, I could use that to drive the LED in my switch - so we could actually confirm that the ECU was logging.
  6. Hi, we participated in the Targa City Sprint in Perth over the weekend (2 separate drivers in the one car). The car ran great all weekend, and we were looking forward to examining our ECU logs to see how we can both improve. Unfortunately, of the 8 runs we did, we only have two where the ECU has actually recorded. Total log time of 5mins 8 sec, with two 'sections'. Our ECU Log function is controlled by an illuminated switch (illuminated when 'on') on the dash wired to DI7, and each of us made sure it was 'on' before we started our run, and 'off' after we crossed the finish line. Each run was less than 2 minutes long, so we were nowhere near running out of log memory. I made sure I cleared ECU log memory before the event, and I checked the usage afterwards, and it is only 4%. Does anyone have any ideas why the ECU decided not to log? We have never had this sort of behavior before - it has always been really reliable. Just to check that the wiring to DI7 is still intact, I checked runtime status, and DI7 is active each time the switch is pushed. Is there any chance that the logging did work, but we just can't see it, and there is some other way of retrieving the data? I have included a shot of our ECU Logging setup below.
  7. Cool - although I thought I had tried that a few months ago and just got 0 in the logs. There isn't any other configuration I need to enter to get it to work?
  8. Hi, just wondering if this is possible. For example, we are already logging BAP and MAP. It would be nice to log boost pressure (MAP-BAP) as well. Is it possible to do this?
  9. Hi Simon, I tested downloading the data from two different laptops last night - everything worked fine. I think it only ever seems to be a problem when I download a log file when the engine is actually running (even though I have stopped ECU logging). Seems to be fine whenever I download it with just the ignition on.
  10. Latest version of PC Link (V5.6.6.3601) and ECU firmware (5.6.6). I also had the same error in December 2018, when I was running PC Link V5.6.5.3338 and ECU firmware
  11. Hi Simon, - I haven't noticed any dropped connections. The laptop occasionally has trouble finding the COM port when it comes out of 'sleep mode', but once it connects to the ECU everything is fine. Is there anything you would like me to try?
  12. Yes - it is possible so long as the plug-in has spare Aux outputs. I have done this to a ST185 (the version prior to the ST205) using a wire-in version of the Storm (which has all outputs available).
  13. Hi, we ran our ST205 GT4 Celica at an event over the weekend, with ECU logging for each stage. When I went to download the logged data during the event, the progress bar would come up, showing the download, but once it got to 100%, we would get an error dialog box which stated "Unable save log file due to corrupt flash pages". I tried a few more times throughout the day and got the same result. Later in the evening I tried downloading portions of the log (first 10 minutes, first 20 minutes, ....), and that all worked fine. I then tried the whole log and it worked ok. It seems that whenever I try and grab the whole ECU log without first downloading a portion it fails. Is this a known issue?
  14. Thanks Crackerjack - as it turns out, we are also building a ST185, and have done exactly the same thing (stolen the hole left by the Cold Start Injector) and stuck a Bosch open element sensor in it. Unfortunately, we haven't yet got as far as starting it up, so I'm not sure how well it will work in practice. With the 205, there is no cold start injector, and the stock Air Temp Sensor is even further 'into' the manifold, and is a M16 screw-in design (difficult to adapt the Bosch sensor to fit, given its mounting arrangement). I have spoken to our tuner and we will probably weld on a boss on the rear wall of the Intercooler core (right next to the outlet) and stick the sensor there. We will then be able to compare those readings to those of the stock sensor. Have you logged any data from your setup? I'd be interested to see how well the sensor performs there.
  15. I've done some more 'internet research' about the stock IAT sensor on the GT4, and it seems that it is very prone to heat soak and very slow response time. I know its a long shot, but does anyone happen to know of any 'open element' type IAT sensors that will easily fit in the Gen3 3S-GTE? The IAT sensor in these cars is squeezed in just after the throttle body, so it is quite difficult to get at.
  16. Thanks cj - what you say makes perfect sense. I had forgotten about the rapid drop in MAP limit at 110 degrees. I take your point about the IAT readings. The IAT sensor seems to be accurate at ambient temp (always close to ECT when car is cold), but the response time seems way too long. I'll see if we can get it out without too much trouble and have a look at the response time. cheers Peter
  17. We have a Toyota GT4 (model ST205) fitted with a Link G4+ Storm ECU that we use for short course tarmac rallysprint events. The car is largely stock, with just a few upgrades (rebuilt stock turbo with steel wheels), coilovers etc. The car has been tuned in Perth by one of your major dealers who are well experienced with your ECUs. The car has been a lot of fun, weve been chasing an issue where the car feels like the ignition system (which is single coil with a distributor) is 'breaking down' at certain (random) times. To eliminate the ignition system, we replaced the cap, rotor, and gapped the plugs smaller during the last event, but the issue still occurred. We enabled ECU logging during the last event, and at the particular time we felt the issue occurring, I have examined the logfile in detail, and it seems to be the ECU applying a limit to the ignition timing. I have attached the logfile and the ECU tune. I have spoken to our tuner about what may be causing it, but as it is not easy to repeat it is difficult to pin it down. The specific questions I have are: 1. In the logfile, at file time 16:34.46 through 16:37.76 the logged parameter 'Limit Ign Trim' goes from 0 to -2 degrees a number of times. We actually felt this in the car - felt like a misfire of some sort. I've looked at the various limits setup in the tune, and discounted: a) MAP limit. MAP only gets as high as 212kPa. MAP limit is 260kPa, with a Limit Control Range of 15kPa, so nothing should happen until we hit 245kPa b) RPM limit. We are well under the RPM limit c) I don't think it is a trigger error. The Max RPM recorded in ECU Statistics is a 'normal' number Maybe it is a Engine Coolant Temp limit (the ECT is 102/103 degrees at the time)? Looking at the ECT Ign Trim 3D Table, I'd expect some sort of limit (goes from 0 limit @ 100 degrees to -8 limit @ 110 degrees), but I'm not sure why it is so 'sporadic' in the way it is applied? Can you please have a look and advise if this is what you'd expect, or if we need to look at some other settings/logging? Thanks 06-Angelina - enabled ECU logging.pclr 190314-Rallysprint Rnd 5 - run 1 thru 4.llg
  18. Hi Tech Support - it looks like the AEM module now does 10Hz GPS logging out of the box. If you guys could start working on at least being able to capture the data in the ECU for starters that would be really useful. PCLink etc mods could come later, or maybe we could export into another package for display/analysis. Any thoughts?
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