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  1. Ash323

    Ecu connect

    Sorted, faulty usb otg cable from the warehouse lol noel leeming replacement works a treat
  2. Ash323

    Ecu connect

    No link ecu showing under ports, think the tuning cable could be buggered?
  3. Ash323

    Ecu connect

    Full wire in, no laptop unfortunatly, will check device manager tomorrow and see if it shows, if it dosnt show what could be the problem and if it does show but still not working what could that be? cheers for your help
  4. Ash323

    Ecu connect

    Have a tablet hooked up to my link g4 via usb and went to turn on today and pop up shows in ecu screen saying, ecu not found, ecu definitly on as car starts/drives etc, tried new usb otg on the end aswell as new tablet, could it be the main cable from ecu to tablet?
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