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  1. DanDan

    Wiring Mitsubishi 3 pin speed sensor

    Hi Richard Thanks for your reply as I didn't notice the difference when I was looking between both the Evo 1-3 and the Evo 4-7 files. Ive been in the garage today and roughly wired up the sensor again as I had before but changed the DI 4 pull-up resister from ON to OFF and it has sorted it. It's all wired up properly now and working as it should Now hopefully I can finally get my car mapped and enjoy it this year fingers crossed. Thanks for all your help Adamw and Richard hill Thanks Dan
  2. DanDan

    Wiring Mitsubishi 3 pin speed sensor

    The pins should be correct as I have checked them on the Evo 4 as mentioned earlier. I even tried my sensor on his car and it works fine. So it can't even be the sensor. It's strange how the sensor wire on the Evo 4 has about 8v to it when the ignition is on. How I think the sensor works is that it has voltage to it and as the sensor turns it lowers/drops the voltage but I'm not 100% sure. i know a hall sensor just has 12v, earth and a signal wire to work but I'm sure the magnetic speed sensors work differently? could I do any damage to the ecu if I put a 5v feed to the signal wire to see if it would work?
  3. DanDan

    Wiring Mitsubishi 3 pin speed sensor

    Yes I'm sure the pull-up resistor was on
  4. DanDan

    Wiring Mitsubishi 3 pin speed sensor

    Hi Adamw I did think that's how it was meant to be so I wired it up like that and plugged the laptop in to see if it was working and it didn't register anything. So I checked the plug on an Evo 4 with a volt meter and pin 1 was 12v pin 2 was earth and pin 3 had about 8v coming from it. So I'm not sure now and I can't seem to find any information out on google :( Thanks Dan
  5. DanDan

    Wiring Mitsubishi 3 pin speed sensor

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to wire up a Mitsubishi Evo 6 magnetic 3 pin speed sensor (see picture) to an Evo 1-3 Link G4+ ecu? I will be using DI 4 on the ecu if that's ok? I'm sure it has Pin 1 = 12v pin 2 = earth pin 3 = signal + 8v? But im not sure where to get the power from or what to do about the 8 volts to the signal Any help or advice would be appreciated Thanks Dan