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  1. Hi I was wondering if the BMW E36 plug N play ecu is just for the 325i or can it be used on the E36 323i and the 328i cars? Thanks Dan
  2. Ok no problem Thanks for the reply
  3. Hi I was wondering if there's any way of getting pc link software to work on my Samsung Galaxy tablet? I have downloaded it but I can't open it as there's no app to open it with Thanks Dan
  4. Hi I was wondering what make and size tablets are people using in there cars/project? Thanks Dan
  5. Thanks would i still need to wire in an external pullup resistor if I was to wire the sensor to AN Temp 3 (expansion loom) on the Mitsubishi Evo 1-3 link G4+ ecu? Thanks Dan
  6. Thanks for your reply's Also i was also wondering if anyone knows how to wire up the 2 way temp sensor plug with an external pullup resistor? Is it +5v - 1k ohm resistor - signal wire(an temp) and pin 1? Then pin 2 to 0v sensor ground? I hope you can understand that? Lol Thanks Dan
  7. Hi I was wondering if Link ecu have a specific oil temp sensor which they have calibrated or what other oil temp sensor are people using with there Link ecu's? Thanks Dan
  8. Hi Richard Thanks for your reply as I didn't notice the difference when I was looking between both the Evo 1-3 and the Evo 4-7 files. Ive been in the garage today and roughly wired up the sensor again as I had before but changed the DI 4 pull-up resister from ON to OFF and it has sorted it. It's all wired up properly now and working as it should Now hopefully I can finally get my car mapped and enjoy it this year fingers crossed. Thanks for all your help Adamw and Richard hill Thanks Dan
  9. The pins should be correct as I have checked them on the Evo 4 as mentioned earlier. I even tried my sensor on his car and it works fine. So it can't even be the sensor. It's strange how the sensor wire on the Evo 4 has about 8v to it when the ignition is on. How I think the sensor works is that it has voltage to it and as the sensor turns it lowers/drops the voltage but I'm not 100% sure. i know a hall sensor just has 12v, earth and a signal wire to work but I'm sure the magnetic speed sensors work differently? could I do any damage to the ecu if I put a 5v feed to the signal wire to see if it would work?
  10. Yes I'm sure the pull-up resistor was on
  11. Hi Adamw I did think that's how it was meant to be so I wired it up like that and plugged the laptop in to see if it was working and it didn't register anything. So I checked the plug on an Evo 4 with a volt meter and pin 1 was 12v pin 2 was earth and pin 3 had about 8v coming from it. So I'm not sure now and I can't seem to find any information out on google :( Thanks Dan
  12. Hi I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to wire up a Mitsubishi Evo 6 magnetic 3 pin speed sensor (see picture) to an Evo 1-3 Link G4+ ecu? I will be using DI 4 on the ecu if that's ok? I'm sure it has Pin 1 = 12v pin 2 = earth pin 3 = signal + 8v? But im not sure where to get the power from or what to do about the 8 volts to the signal Any help or advice would be appreciated Thanks Dan
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