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  1. NMSL

    ECT not reading

    Sorry, I thought I had the MAP saved but I can't find it, and I don't have the car. I will try get to the car to save a copy. Is there anything I should look out for? I have contemplated swapping the sensor but as it reads when off I can't see why it would be that. Or when the input is off does the pull up not have an output and the sensor is just too lower resistance? Its the factory sensor which is Bosch. Cheers
  2. NMSL

    ECT not reading

    Thanks Adamw. When its not assigned the value rises with the engine temp accurately on the reading at the bottom of the config page. If I go to tables page ot reads 90. When you turn it on it reads -50. And yeah been through wiring checks. I wondered if it could be a faulty pull up internal to the ECU for the temp inputs.
  3. NMSL

    ECT not reading

    Hi. I've recently rewired a carbed 2L Astra engine with a Link Atom. Before I got to it the Link was only running the ignition. I thought might as well use the ECU so now runs fuel pump, shift light etc. and I connected ECT for fans etc. The issue I'm currently having is the temp reads accurately on the config page when it's not turned on, but when turned on it reads as if open circuit. I have made sure ECU and PC Link up to date, swapped to 2nd temp input and I've ensured the circuit is fine, sensor gounds etc. are ok. Still no go. I don't get why it reads perfect when off but open when on. Kind of at a dead end at the moment. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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