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  1. Rozsko

    WRXLink107 pinouts

    Just a quick update. I was able to do the VVT test and I had to adjust both side with ~3degrees. The error count is 0 since then, but I still have the misfire. Thx
  2. Rozsko

    WRXLink107 pinouts

    Ooops! that is a good point, just checked the base map and you are absolutely right. I forgot that I myself changed the Fuel equation mode to Modelled, as that was quite a while back before I had the ECU itself. Awesome! Thanks! Will try and see what is going on.
  3. Rozsko

    WRXLink107 pinouts

    Just a quick update on the progress and thanks very much for the help so far. Yesterday I decided to try to start the car, but it did not work. It cranked and there was no errors really that I could spot. Today I tried again, but I realized that the AFR gauge does not show any values which means there is basically only oxygen in the exhaust, so I bumped up the VE table from ~20% to ~60% in the idle region and it fired up !!! I also had to adjust the idle stepper motor position % as after the initial warm-up period, the engine died. So for particular engine config the WRXLink107 base map is way off in the VE table and the idle control. (Unfortunately I do have some misfires which I had with the OE ECU too, and now I can see some VVT error counts on the LH side, so maybe that will be the culprit) Anyhow, it is up and running now, so time do some adjustments and tuning!
  4. Rozsko

    WRXLink107 pinouts

    Yes, as the EDM STi don't have crusie control at all, so the steering wheel is lacking the buttons. Did not check all the related ECU connector pins, but as I checked B13 it is not pinned, so I guess the rest are not pinned either. I already did and both came back, but will try once again.
  5. Rozsko

    WRXLink107 pinouts

    Did a little check on the Brake light. The thing is that for me B20 pin is not connected to the ECU, but only B28 is which is Brake light#2 and is NO. --- So is there a way to configure B28 as Brake light apart from repinning the ecu connector? Or does this matter at all? the brake light itself is functioning properly. Also on the Crusie control topic, the EDM STi don't have CC at all, and unfortunately so far I was not able to get hold of an EDM Service Manual, but only USDM. What I found though that the USDM H4DOTC wiring matches the EDM STi so far, but it seems there are some functions like CC or brake switch that don't. I also found a newer release USDM manual and it seems the missing P13 pin is a problem that was a problem in the manual that I used, as this newer one already lists it correctly for both the WRX and the STi.
  6. Rozsko

    WRXLink107 pinouts

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply Adam. I finally set the ignition ON and connected to the ECU to see what is going on. Overall it looks ok, but some of the inputs/outputs and the fault codes don't make sense to me. DI5 - Brake switch NC - This is always active and even if I depress the brake pedal, it does not change. DI10 - is set to OFF, however its status is Active. I would have thought that if something is OFF, then it should be inactive. isn't that the case? Ethanol sensor - I don't have any inputs assigned, though in the runtime values screen it is shown as sensor status = ERROR. Is this how it supposed to be? I have fault codes. 1#ANV12 at GND and 2#Aux9/10 supply error. I have set ANV12 to OFF, so similar to DI5, I don't really understand why the ECU cares about its status and Aux9/10 is for the EThrottle which is functioning correctly and in the Runtime values I can see the supply voltage as 12.xV, so this is confusing me a bit. DI3 - AC request - this doesn't seem to activate when I press the AC button. Though I need to say, I removed the AC from the engine bay, but the AC switch itself turns on/off when I press it. I just wanted to see if this works, so that I can use the switch itself to control some other functions later down the line. Thanks, Béla
  7. Rozsko

    WRXLink107 pinouts

    Hi, Finally I was able to get hold of a WRXLink 107 for my 07 EDM STi but before I want to start the car, I wanted to verify the pinouts. For most of pins the service manual and the PCLink help (including the quick start guide) are matching, however there are some pins that do not and there are some things that particularly confusing to me. DI6 - This is meant to be Cruise switch A based on PCLink help, but the service manual does not list any connection for B13 pin. Auxilary output 6 - This is listed as FP speed in PCLink and is meant to be pin#C11, however the Subaru SM shows C11 as the CE Light and the FP Control unit signals are C12 and B33. Aux4 - This is shown in the PCLink pinout as C12 for year#07, but also Aux9has comment that EThrottle (+) is actually controlled through Aux4 in PCLink. Not to mention that C12 in the Subaru SM is FP Control signal as I mentioned in the previous point. Aux9/10 - just curious why the misalignment is there for these, and also wondering if the polarity is marked correctly in the PCLink help, as in the Subaru SM I found it the opposite way. Aux Inj 8 - This is meant to be the CE Light, but the pinout table does not show which pin should it be connected to. On the other hand as previously mentioned C11 that is shown as CEL in the Subaru SM is connected to Aux6? DI3 - AC request - As per PCLink C23 is the pin for year#07 and C24 for year#06. In the Subaru SM (I checked in multiple ones) for year#07 it is listed as C24. I only found C23 for SOHC engine. Analog Voltage 12 - this is shown in PCLink, but it seems for year#07 this is not available. Is this really the case? Ethanol sensor - I see this as the last entry in the digital inputs in PCLink, but can't figure out what pin is this assigned to, if any. The help only shows DI for wiring, but does not show the number. Aslo 1 more thing I realized that the base map does have the Temp3 as disabled, but based on the pin functions it seems that is the Fuel Temp sensor. So I set it up like that but was wondering if the Cal3 sensor calibration (that is defaulted upon enabling the function) is correct or not. Thanks a lot for the clarifications and help. Béla
  8. Adam, This is fair enough for me now. I already played with PCLink and I configured couple of CAN streams. I just wasn't sure if it is enough if I transmit Lambda1, but from your reply it seems it is. Thanks again.
  9. The one in the initial post is a CAN data display gauge. https://www.aemelectronics.com/products/gauges/digital-gauges/X-Series/AEMnet But it is somewhat restricted as custom CAN IDs can't be configured. It only has a few (actually quite a few) AEM specific CAN streams specified for display. So that is why I am wondering if that gauge requires the exact AEMNet stream or would it be enough to transmit the lambda1 value only. thx, Béla
  10. Thanks Adamw, but that is the other way around. This spec is about receiving lambda information from the UEGO. What I am curious about is transmitting lambda1 info from the Fury to the AEM CAN display. thx, Béla
  11. Hi everyone, I am looking at ecu options for my 07 sti and the Fury seems to be the winner option so far. CAN setup is something specifically that I am looking into, so I would be interested if anybody got this gauge actually working and displaying lambda1. Looking at the AEM documentation of x series uego, the frames are making up kind of a complex structure, and not all of the paramameters would be available in PCLink. Thanks, Bèla
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