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  1. Got you. Sorry, did not spot any announcements about that. Will try and revert back in case of any further issue. Thanks
  2. It seems to me that in this release we've got a bug in the fan control. As per the help (and so far that's how it worked) if you enter 0 into the speed lockout, then there is no speedlockout. I mean it is disabled. Right now, with the new firmware, 0 means actual 0, so if I start driving, the fans will stop. This was quite uncomfortable as I almost boiled the coolant in town cruising. log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ale4oyMCOgLThM4edFre7Av_S3wKIw?e=kbQLtp Thanks, Béla
  3. When I bought my original G4+, I was very happy with that (although there was not much updates coming for that recently). Then 6 month later the new generation was announced. Right then I started advertising my G4+ for sale, because I knew I will want the new bells and whistles that come with it. I ended up paying an extra 300EUR for the G4X which I think is a reasonable price for the upgrade. Maybe you can do the same as the G4+ is still a strong ECU and I am pretty sure there are people who will happily pay a few hundreds less and get a little smaller feature set then the current line-up.
  4. Thank you guys! It is nice to see new features coming.
  5. So, my turbo is done and I am reviewing the latest logfiles to figure out what mistakes I made if any. One thing I figured, that my knock trim tables had inconsistent axes setup. #1 TPS and RPM, the other 3 had MAP and RPM. If you check the screenshot on the below link, you can see there was some misfire due to over retarding of ignition due to 5 degrees of trim. Initially I thought it was due to the knock trim tables, but I think it is more due to the Limit Ignition Trim parameter which should be set when a limit is active. On the other hand, there is no active limit during that tim
  6. Just thought to give you guys a quick update. Just came back from the third dyno session. It started out nice, but ended up bad as it seems the turbo is gone. if you are interested, on the link you can see some dyno chart screenshots, the log of the pull and a video as well. So now I'll need to get the turbo out and see what is exactly the fault. More to come... https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ale4oyMCOgLThMsJ_3rw80Z6DRXUTw?e=5WToXO
  7. Thank you guys. The error did not come back yet, but it won't come back in the near future either as I just blew up my turbo.
  8. Thanks Adam. I gave it a try, and I can tell you it is better then before, but it needs a little more work. Hopefully I can make it smooth soon.
  9. Thanks Adam. I uploaded the logs I have form yesterday and the tune as well, although the tune is already updated from certain aspects. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ale4oyMCOgLThMpoQ_evmXywo-HW9w?e=PVcZfx Thank you
  10. Thanks Vaughan. Right now I am good, who know what the future brings. Yesterday night I spent couple of hours on the highway doing WOT pulls to dial in the EBCS, and towards the end I realized I have the following fault code: ECU Fault Code 84: Aux9/10 E-Throttle 1 IC Over Temperature / Under Voltage Since then I did not start the car, but I am wondering if this is something I should worry about. Thanks Béla
  11. Thx Adam. I have front cooler, so cardboarding would result pretty much the same as turning off the blower, I guess. Anyhow, Thursday is the next session on the Dyno, so will play a bit.
  12. You were right. The heatgun has no use. So, as I have no way of ducting the the exhaust back to the intake, I figured I'll remove the coupler between the CAI and the turbo inlet and will close the bonnet. This way it is going to breath much hotter air as the engine temp is increasing. One more question on this though, when you are on the dyno doing this exercise, would you turn off the blower, so it heats up quicker then when you try to cool it down you turn it on, and repeat? Thanks
  13. Hello Gents again, New day, new question if you don't mind. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ale4oyMCOgLThMpH8YTIGkT_LGav7A?e=DrnJvb In the log above I marked a section towards the end of the log where I was coasting in 2nd gear and above idle. The car was horribly jerking/bucking which you can clearly see from the oscillation of many logged parameters. Do you have any idea/suggestion on how to resolve this? Thanks, Béla
  14. Right now in the process of wiring up some switches to the ECU. While I was checking the pinouts, I realiezd that ANV12, AUX14/15/16 are not shown on the pinout diagram. Am I missing something obvious here or is that really the case for some reason? Thanks, Béla
  15. Rozsko

    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    It seems that in the new version when I hit save log (not save as) it doesn't default the file name to "log-date-time". Is there some setting that controls this or was this changed intentionally? Thanks, Béla
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