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  1. Hello who has the table of dwell time vs voltage for honda CRV k24 engine pencil style coils . Post it here please Link g4 + extreme . thank you
  2. 12v or 5v feed ? thank you so much
  3. Hello please i need help wiring this bmw cam sensor to link g4 plus , it is a 3 wires plug , so i need plug diagram . thank you Bosch Camshaft Position Sensor 0 232 103 003 Part No. 0 232 103 003
  4. Hello i need the wiring diagram for bmw e throttle gas pedal comes 6 pins ,i did not find it in the help section , can you help me . thank you https://www.bimmerworld.com/BMW-Interior/BMW-Pedals/Accelerator-Throttle-Pedal-Assembly-35426786282-E46-M3-330i-330Ci-325i-325C-More.html
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