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  1. Oops sorry wasn't trying to be pushy! No worries at all, but is it better if I have those last two things fixed up before you do it or can I alter them later on?
  2. Hey Adam, I still have have to fix a few things up in that config, fuel level sensor and speed input. Does that have to be finalised before you sort this stuff out ? Or can i fix those things up after youve sorted the EGT out? Just don't want to have to get you do it twice. Thanks!
  3. So i uploaded the second test file you send and this is what it displays. Data doesnt seem to be working.
  4. Will try this afternoon when I get home from work cheers Adam!
  5. Not even the background is displaying... Its showing the fuel level at the moment thats it. Ill go check firmware is latest Just updated from 1.26.36 to 1.26.46 and still not even showing the background. Its just a black screen with fuel percentage showing.
  6. Sorry ! Here we are, heres dash and link file. Benji Barra FINAL TUNE 7 PSI.pclr Benjis Barra Patrol Dash Config.zconfig Just a note, i temporarily put a math channel in that dash file to correct the AFR for now, so will probably need to delete that once you rectify the scaling Im assuming. Thanks!
  7. I forgot to mention adam, could you please put them on page 3 of the config on the top 6 displays. Thankyou!
  8. Are these the right files Adam?? I didnt know specifically which file you would need for the Aim dash so I zipped them all up cfg_20190120_133013.rar Benji Barra FINAL TUNE 7 PSI.pclr
  9. I updated the firmware on my dash about 4 weeks ago, but when I go to download these files for you ill double check. Thankyou again!
  10. Awesome thanks Adam, Ill go download them shortly and put them back in here. Thankyou appreciate it!
  11. Sorry my mistake Adam, the Link is displaying AFR of 13.1:1 while the Dash is displaying 9.3:1. Was a bit loose on the terminology there sorry.
  12. Hey Guys, Have a link Fury with a MXS Strada. I have an ECUMaster EGT controller and I want to be able to display those 6 X egt values on a page on my MXS Strada. How can I make this a possibility, was told it was possible when I purchased the whole setup. Cheers
  13. Hey guys, Got a Barra running a Link Fury. Link Software says AFR is 13.6:1 Dash displaying 9.3:1 Difference seems to be 1.46 but Id rather correct it without using mathematic correction in the Aim dash software. Can anyone shed some light on the situation? Why would it be sending a different value? Thanks Ben
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