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  1. Wuppet

    Lambda spike

    Hoping for some advice, attached are some screen grabs - concerned about the lambda spike after deceleration from boost situation, obviously these are sufficient to activate my protection for high lambda. What can I do to control such?
  2. Folks, Thank you for advice, believe i will take a different course. Haven't got temp sensor on to know how hot, but hot enough that can't touch lines and could hear fuel bubbling in tank, i assume boiling. Main issue is underbonnet heat and location of fuel lines running close to headers, cannot see that i can relocate fuel lines which are already wrapped so will investigate wrapping headers. May need to introduce so sort of chiller as well. Problem has really only presented on insanely hot days on long run, so not major issue
  3. Folks, Hoping for assistance - My vehicle is suffering from dramatic fuel overheating and Im trying to figure out best way to limit such. From instructions it would appear that a closed loop fuel pump control based on pressure would be the way to go, just got no idea how. Fuel Pump is an intank version of the aeromotive a1000 - currently setup with regulator and return. - motor currently naturally aspirated/port injected 500cube hemi, soon to be boosted. Can anyone assist with advice as to how to go about this? I have NFI and have looked at a heap of other posts and just cant make sense of them. If I need an external pump controller, which one should I use? and how should I wire it and configure ecu to control it? Appreciate any thoughts. Cheers
  4. Wuppet

    RPM Drop/cut random

    done - let me know your thoughts As mentioned this seems very similar to issue posted by Luis "Deceleration problem"
  5. Wuppet

    RPM Drop/cut random

    Folks, Hope you can assist, I have a seemingly random rpm drop which doesn't occur all the time. Mainly notice it when coming off acceleration and rpm drops back to about 2000 then there is like a momentary dropout and back again, sometimes it will do this multiple times in reasonably quick succession. caught it in a log file tonight have a look at log approx. 32:28 you will notice rpm drop - link to log file below This seems very similar to recent posting from Luis "Deceleration problem" probably related https://www.dropbox.com/s/u36jm3fmg8rf9dq/Log 2019-08-23 6%3B04%3B38 pm.llg?dl=0 440.pclr
  6. Wuppet

    GPS Speed Sensor setup

    Adam, Appreciate your assistance - hope i can request a bit more. I have nil experience/knowledge of wiring CAN systems and have no idea what to do with physical wiring - can you advise? I have a single signal wire that goes from the Autometer GPS Speedo interface to the speedometer - this interface module instructions say it is calibrated for 16,000ppm and outputs a 12v square wave Appreciate any assistance you can offer. Cheers
  7. Folks, Hope you can assist. I am trying to setup a lockout for Transbrake based on "any speed" to avoid accidental engagement. Vehicle has Autometer speedo with GPS sensor. Hoping you can suggest a method: 1.Use the sensor to provide speed input to the ecu (thunder) 2. Provide output for the speedo 3. Lockout the transbrake switch function if any speed detected Appreciate any thoughts Cheers
  8. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    I must be looking at something wrong. 2 screen grabs below - first is prior to disconnecting and disabling lambda 2, second is after - in both the graphed 5v is all over the place, the value below is stable, is this just "noise" inthe graphi ng Will move that ground as well
  9. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    as the 5v fluctuation is new i looked for any changes, i had plugged the "suspect" o2 sensor back in, so i disabled it in ecu and unplugged it. TPS on log is now stable, - this is odd as i had only just plugged it in before taking that last log, maybe disabling it in the ecu has done something additional. will go back across everything related to that sensor line. Log 2019-03-30 1;19;19 pm.llg
  10. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    MSD Grounded to post through firewall - as is ecu and relay banks on fuse board - heavy strap from post to engine - engine to battery have attached latest log and trigger scope grab - are they what you are seeking? This latest log shows massive fluctuation in the 5v line - if you look at about 2.4 - 3 the TPS at this period was at constant idle, all the jumps to 20% are "erronous" Also attached photos under bonnet Wiring enters via 50 deutsch plug to lower right of msd, with heavier wiring via another deutsch just to the left of it - wiring all bound together and stays low at back of engine to the valley, seperates to injectors/oil pressure sensor/idle control motor (disabled currently), rest of loom runs forward to TPS, water temp and dual sync dizzy Coil is to right with high tension lead running along strut brace to dizzy I am at a loss to explain the 5v line fluctations as they seem to be new Any ideas? Log 2019-03-30 12;08;56 pm.llg
  11. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Gents, I really appreciate your assistance with this thing - im really confused as to what is going on. That last log was immediately after TPS calibration - have done so again along with map as well - as it did last time if engine isnt running the tps seems to be pretty much as one would expect. The throttle body is an Aeroflow unit. After recal of tps i took first log attached from cold engine, so you can see it jump a bit while warming but it pretty much was idling straight away - the big broad jumps in tps were at constant slight pedal. Watching this on "tuning" screen i could see dramatic jumps on the tps bar graph, there was absolutely no throttle movement. once warmed properly i restarted log file and while running unbolted tps from throttle body (possibly took a few minutes) and this didnt make FA difference to what was happening. Wiring runs from ecu to firewall into Deutsch 50 pin connector, from there to sensors +everything else, there is a MSD ignition and coil in close proximity (approx 4-6 inch) HV lead runs higher along a metal strut brace to distributor at front of engine. im kinda stumped - any ideas? Cheers! Log 2019-03-28 6;39;12 pm.llg Log 2019-03-28 6;40;45 pm.llg
  12. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Believe that i have all idle control and enrichment disabled - please correct me if I'm wrong. Idles fine once warmed up. The tps signal seems fine when idling and warmed up and has noise at part throttle, Amy ideas on how to eradicate interference
  13. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Gents, Can you please have a look at TPS in this log and let me know your thoughts. Have replaced TPS with a new Delphi sensor and disabled accel enrichment - is the "stability" of sensor something you would think to be acceptable? Appreciate your assistance Log 2019-03-24 4;57;56 pm.llg 1StewsPlymouth.pclr
  14. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Had issue back on the 10th with tps, could actually feel the surging whilst driving and could watch it on the bar graph for tps-to extent that i thought the 5v line was dropping out- logs don't show that Did a calibrate and it pretty much disappeared and yet is now back in logs but can't see visually on bar graph. Could this be result of noise? I did sit with car not running for a long time watching the tps at the same part throttle, it didn't even twitch Your advice is good, i thought i had enrichment disabled. Will go back and check basics before further troubling you folks
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