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  1. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Believe that i have all idle control and enrichment disabled - please correct me if I'm wrong. Idles fine once warmed up. The tps signal seems fine when idling and warmed up and has noise at part throttle, Amy ideas on how to eradicate interference
  2. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Gents, Can you please have a look at TPS in this log and let me know your thoughts. Have replaced TPS with a new Delphi sensor and disabled accel enrichment - is the "stability" of sensor something you would think to be acceptable? Appreciate your assistance Log 2019-03-24 4;57;56 pm.llg 1StewsPlymouth.pclr
  3. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Had issue back on the 10th with tps, could actually feel the surging whilst driving and could watch it on the bar graph for tps-to extent that i thought the 5v line was dropping out- logs don't show that Did a calibrate and it pretty much disappeared and yet is now back in logs but can't see visually on bar graph. Could this be result of noise? I did sit with car not running for a long time watching the tps at the same part throttle, it didn't even twitch Your advice is good, i thought i had enrichment disabled. Will go back and check basics before further troubling you folks
  4. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    both are genuine bosch sensors, No 1 loom and sensor seem ok beginning to suspect that there must be something like a bad connection in the 2nd loom + "no2" faulty sensor. If i plug the known good connector (1) into the other sensor (2) i get an error - something related to heating. If i plug loom 2 into the "good" sensor (1) i get an open circuit error. Have rechecked loom 2 and it meters continuity fine - scratching head now! - will get someone to wiggle connectors at same time and see what happens I am a little confused by todays work - over last couple of days i have roughly tuned using the mixture map and logged data, adjust and repeat - to the stage it drove pretty good last night. This morning took it in to get new exhaust fitted (headers back) drove in fine and almost undrivable on return trip - i would swear lean back firing majorly! Sensor still shows as rich pretty much everywhere - ignored this and added approx 10 points across the entire fuel map - ran heaps better but log still shows rich. Have attached map (after adjustment) and 2 log files - earlier log before adding extra fuel. Any thoughts Note: would you expect TPS to be as unstable as log shows? Log 2019-03-18 5;47;10 pm.llg Log 2019-03-18 5;57;35 pm.llg 1StewsPlymouth.pclr
  5. Ken, would appreciate it, mostly looking to use as comparison to what i currently have, which is actually working.
  6. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    Not sure what to do here, i have metered all wiring right back to ecu with no issues. I am getting constant readings from sensor 1 and if i swap that plug at the sensor i get readings from the other sensor Likely that log file is in a very rich status as it is untuned and extremely rich, i get nothing from sensor 2 right from initial start Any thoughts as to what i should be checking
  7. Wuppet

    Thunder lambda sensors

    are these what you are after? maybe have a look at the ignition map while you are at it - might help with my other post appreciate any words of wisdom cheers 1StewsPlymouth.pclr Log 2019-03-10 12;14;29 pm.llg
  8. Anyone care to share any ignition map for BB mopar or any other BB gasoline engine Using a dual sync dizzy with single coil, Keen to compare what i have created with others before sending to dyno
  9. Folks, I am not getting reading from second o2 sensor/lambda sensor on display gauges or logs Have checked wiring all the way back to ecu and swapped sensor plugs to ensure sensors are good. Gotta be doing something wrong Any thoughts! Log 2019-03-10 12;14;29 pm.llg 1StewsPlymouth.pclr
  10. Wuppet

    Ecu hold power

    Query, On my vehicle the ignition circuit (power on) drops out when key turned to activate starter cranking. I assumed that this would cause ecu to turn off so i have wired ecu to seperate switch and constant power source. Ideally i would like to trigger through ignition switch. My query - would the ecu hold power function accommodate for this and hold the ecu on whilst cranking and then simply drop back to being "on" when key released from cranking activation. Appreciate thoughts and or options
  11. Wuppet

    Trouble starting

    Adam, Spot on bloke, replaced faulty temp sensor and its alive. Thank you for your assistance
  12. Wuppet

    Trouble starting

    Folks, Hoping you can assist - cannot get this mutha to run 496 cube mopar with thunder g4+ ecu (engine was running with another ecu, but not tuned) - Fast dual sync distributor as trigger source - both hall sensors - Fast 36 lb injectors x 8 into single plane manifold runners with square bore style throttle body -fuel pressure approx. 55psi -MSD 6al ignitor and msd coil Have static timing on TDC and Trigger calibration shows exactly that - when turning over engine timing light shows 10degrees which would correlate with ignition table attempted to start with master fuel at 15 - did not even cough -set it to 50and it fired and ran, although was like timing dramatically out, backfiring etc - tried various settings on master fuel belwo about 25 got nothing at 35 barely fired and coughed and backfired etc - would have sworn timing 180 out - have checked that static is correct. file attached Any thoughts appreciated 1StewsPlymouth.pclr
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