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  1. Hi, talked to My tuner, he said the trigger scope was exactly like this when he had it on the dyno, so that's out of the question. It runs on 3 cylinders, no. 1,2&4. I'm just removing the coil and plug to test the spark, and it doesn't spark on cyl 3. It has spark if i run the ignition test, but not when cranking/starting. Checked the wires and they are solid. Any help?
  2. Hi, having a problem with my 1,8t AEB, I'm not gjetting spark on cyl 3 when I crank, but when I run ignition test it works fine. Have tried a new cps, no change. New plug, New coil, checked wiring to coils and cps, all good. Car ran for 20 hrs before it stopped firing on cyl 3. The engine does not get any spark when I disconnect the cps. Any ideas? Uploaded an image of my trigger scope.
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