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  1. Good day everyone does anyone have a description for the connections of the ecu? I install greade a wideband lambdasonde and can not assign the connections to ecu many danks
  2. Hello everyone i have a problem. my car is running but not correctly. does erveryone have a basic configuration for WRX 6 (plcr File) and a Workshop Manual ? i have ah loot of problems (Knock Sensor,Maf Sensor;Lambda,ISC Stepper ... ) Thanks
  3. Ronny Beeler

    Lambda signal

    Hello there ich have a Problem and i Need help the Problem is AFR Average has no value, but the an4 NB Oxy sensor works, why does the ecu dosn't caluclate this?
  4. thank you very much. I did not think it was that easy great help thank you all With kind regards Ronny Beeler
  5. there are the two files Trigger Scope Log 2019-01-27 7;23;48 pm.llg sorry for the bad picture
  6. yes i used the WRX 5-6 base map I calibrateted the tps and the map sensor ( Map Sensor WRX 6-7) But i dont know how to set de crank sensor settings (i dont now where and wich values) the ecu cant recive any RPM
  7. I've been working on Subaru's basic settings for days, but I can't set the settings do the standarts for this car to make the WRX V5-6 runnig, have anyone a basic setting for wrx v5-6 that works? I think the problem is with the crankshaft sensor, he can not read the RPM, because I also get a wrong RMP on the ignition timing setting device Sorry for the bad english im from switzerland thanks ECU WRX Link 4+ Subaru Impreza RS WRX GC8 Engine EJ20
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