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  1. gtihk

    Help with link g4+ atom

    you need to tell the ECU what sensor you have in order to have a correct temperature. As for the fan, I think you could test is by assigning it as a GP output and then use the test output function.
  2. gtihk

    K20 knock sensor

    I don't think it is a wideband. I would change to a Bosch unit.
  3. it is equivalent to 1.6 bar. It is not low boost, if it is pump fuel. I can imagine that the power on this engine must be something. I do not suppose you need to rev it high at all. May be around 6000 rpm tops?
  4. gtihk

    Help with link g4+ atom

    I think you could do that if you have enough inputs, like in a piggyback type install. But, do you know the linearization curve of the sensor?
  5. What is the maximum boost you are planning to run? I would not use a table much bigger than it is needed. I usually use MGP for fuel map and MAP for igntion. Just a habit.
  6. gtihk

    Isues lock timing sr20

    You can lock timing to whatever you like. You need a timing light to tell you if accurate or not. Yesterday, I had a offset of -110 on a SR20DET.
  7. I would use something closer to 30 Hz. Try that and see it runs better. Be sure to tune the wastegate normal duty after change.
  8. A Mercedes part number may be A 004 153 90 28 64. It may be cheaper in some areas.
  9. I usually run idle in open loop first to set the idle positions(solenoid). The warmup fuel will be set at the same time. Idle ignition then turned on and set. Finally, Idle will be set to close loop to test. Before you tackle the blipping, make sure that you have Fuel table tuned for load sites you would be visiting.
  10. Are you using close loop control? What is control frequency set for the wastegate solenoid?
  11. To be absolutely sure of the knock frequency, you will need to use Frequency analysis program like Wavepad. Guessing is a bit hazardous with Turbo engines. My feeling is that your present setting is not right.
  12. One of my friends has developed a CAN interface box for the MY2008 Subaru Impreza STI. I have tried it on several cars and it works perfectly.I used Link Fury mostly. Please PM me if anyone is interested.
  13. gtihk

    Thunder lambda sensors

    I have never opened up one!
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