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  1. Hi I just installed g4+ on my Subaru 2.2 with 6/7 trigger pattern and I using the v1-6 Subaru base tune. When I crank the engine I’m seeing rpm but the ecu is not sending ignition signal while cranking. I think there is a problem with my trigger settings and was wounding what settings you used to get.your engine to run.  

    Any help would be great 

    Thank you 



    1. Handy1222man


      I wish I had an answer for u, but the truth is I haven’t been able to get it to run. I got it to stay on for about 5 seconds today but then it dies. It sounds like only a couple of cylinders are firing. I can send u the base map that tech support sent me, but I had to change so many things in it , I don’t know if it will help u any. If I make any progress I’ll let u know. And I would appreciate if u let me know if u get yours started. 

      Thank you 

    2. Sjol


      I will let you if I make any headway 

    3. Handy1222man


      I finally got mine started. It was my cam sensor was wired backwards. I switched the two wires and now I start no problem.

  2. I have a jdm Subaru Ej20g in my sand rail. What adjustment do I need to make on my g4+ monsoon ecu after changing my injectors from stock 380cc to 550cc?
  3. I have a stock jdm Subaru Ej20g in my sand rail. I need new fuel injectors. Any recommendations? Any shops in San Diego I could check out?
  4. G4+ Monsoon sample base map
  5. Brand new monsoon in a ej20g turbo sand rail. all my sensors look like they’re set up right, but when I try to start it , I get a couple coughs and it sounds like it wants to start but never does. Smells like gas after cranking it. Anything I might be missing to get this thing started?
  6. Handy1222man

    Trigger setup

    I have stock Subaru ej 6 and 7 tooth crank and cam trigger Wheels. How do I set this up for a new monsoon
  7. Can I use power from my fuel pump relay to power the link can lambda?
  8. Both my crank and cam sensors are 2 wire sensors. With the stock 6and 7 tooth wheels are they reluctor or optical/hall?
  9. Thank u and yes it has the stock 6 and 7 tooth wheels.
  10. Just switched out my g1 ecu for a monsoon on my ej20g powered sandrail. Wanted to know if I could use the same cam and crank trigger wheels or do I need new ones
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