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  1. Wow, that is awsome :O I will instantly reduce the dwell time. Its a really helpful site btw, thank you for your research.
  2. Well, thank you for the ideas. I actually was not aware, that knock control was enabled already. I will check the knock sensor settings first, and then will set timing to more early setting. Do you know, which frequency band I should set the knock sensor to? Is there a formula I may can use for calculation? The engine has 1834ccm. The knock sensor is mounted at the engine blocks back, between cylinder 2 and 3. BUT, the signal level from cylinder 3 and 4 is much higher, according to the log I used. Any idea where this comes from? Looking at the dwell time, I wanted to go the save way. Sure, I can reduce that, but I am not sure, if one or two ms are enought for the coils from 1997. The problem I had was missfireing with sparkplug gaps of only 0.7mm (with Fine Wire!) which allready is really low. I ordered new plugs, and reduced the gap to 0.5mm (I used Denso IK22), I also used that high dwell time, and it worked then. Do you know any stock dwell times for MD362913 coils? I could not use any maps of the stock ECU, because it has not been decodet yet. I use mixed setting adopted from Golf 6 GTI, Honda Jass GDI, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 and trying to adapt them.
  3. Hello there, I am still working on my Carisma GDI Turbo. I was at the dyno again today, and well… My Lambda needed some correction ( I was nearly at 0.7 A/F Ratio during higher load). But even after correction, the engine is not performing verry well. Coud any of you look over my ignition Timing? The engine got 12:1 compression, 5psi of slight boost, and I got massive pover loss over 3500 rpm, the boost pressure is stable. Maybe my ignition timing is set to late…? I use IK22 sparkplugs with reduced gap (set to 0.5mm). These are quite cold plugs. Fuel corr. 1.2 20052019 16_10 Automatik.llg Fuel corr. 1.2 20052019 16_10 Automatik.pclr
  4. KK GDI

    Split injection

    Hello there, is it possible to split injection into two parts to increase cooling efficiancy? I am using a Mitsubishi 4G93 GDI with high compression and turbocharging, and it is missfireing if i do not trastically decrease the ignition timing under higher loads. If I could inject twice within one cycle, It would be really helpful to decrease cylinder temperature. Thanks Best regards from Zwickau, Germany
  5. Thank You, I replaced the sensor with an original BOSCH one, now it works fine.
  6. hm, okay. I did not open the connector, but maybe I can check the resistor: how many Ohm should it have?
  7. Hello there, the engine is running now, but my Lambdasensor (Wideband LSU 4.9 Type) records only an"36 RComp Invalid" error. Any Idea where this Comes from? Did I configure something wrong?
  8. I am Using H6T12271 (7704) coils, like that one: https://www.globalsources.com/si/AS/Japan-Goder/6008843093629/pdtl/Mitsubishi-Ignition-Coil-H6T60271/1044520480.htm
  9. Hello, I connected my fuel rail pressure sensor to analog Imput 4. I used Cal4 as calibration table to make sure the ECU calculates the correct value. BUT: It always shows me 92kpa which is (funny) 0.92V Sensor Output. Im messured it again by hand. I entered calculation values in Cal 4, and tried it again in CAL9 Table - Non of the values is calculated at all. The system only works, if I unplug the sensor and use the error Output Option and set the usual 5000kpa by Hand. Is this a Software failure? Best regards from the UAS in Zwickau Konstantin
  10. MAF seems to work - To be honest, I dont know if the mesured air mass is of realistic value, because in the log it only Shows the status "Active", but at least there is no error left. But to come back to the Question: Does anyone know about the dwell time? 1.0 Injektor Peak duration angepasst 390us, 2,5ms startinjektion, MAF Digital.pclr MAF working, inj. 2.644ms 320BTDC.llg
  11. Okay, thanks for that. I thought I had to use analog imput. I will connect it and post my result. ;-) I have a nother question: For Mitsubishi single ignition Coils (plugged ones), which dwell time do you think is Max. possible? Best regards
  12. I know about that, but I thought I might work better for turbocharged cars than just MAP-sensoring does. The Sensor I have here is the E5T08271. (481) PC Links shows an input error. Do I have to do more than just setting the imput to MAF Evo7 Type? Do You know, if the Airflow Sensor need more than 12v and 5v, mass and signal out to be wired? Honestly I want to try leaving it in, if it could work and help somehow.
  13. Thanks, that really worked. The injection Time is now arround 2.5ms which is ways better. Do You know, how to make the Mitsubishi air mass sensor work? I connected 12V, 5V, Sensor Ground, and Pin3 which should Output sort of an PWM Signal - Voltage= Air mass, Duty Cycle*4= Engine RPM It is connected to Analog Imput 4, calibrated as Evo 7 MAF. test lmm on, PWM Pump Controll on (23.04.2019).llg Start 23.04.2019 - Zündung noch einstellen! PumpControll Enabled, Inc 3000ccm.pclr
  14. The Firmware is already updated. I did this last week. But I will try to enable the GDI Pump controll without having it connected. The Pressure sensor shows the entered 5Mpa to me. It is confusing, that the Software is not working with that value.
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